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  • 27 December 2018
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Hi, I’m currently out of the U.S. and have called t-mobile a week ago and requested to unlock my phone. I provided them my phone number, tmobile pin, IMEI, email, basically everything they asked for aaand they told me that I am eligible for an unlock and would be getting an email in 72 hours with further instructions. But never got that email and can’t make more international calls. PLEASE HELP I really need my phone to work.


Plus, the message us on my tmobile option just redirects me to the main page or that “something’s not right” page so couldn’t message tmobile either. Why?!


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Have you tried syncing your iPhone in iTunes?

Do you have access to WiFi? Does WiFi calling work?

You can call T-Mobile's international support line at +1-505-998-3793 from your T-Mobile phone at no cost.

AFAIK, T-Mobile's online message system is broken. Believe it or not, they want you to contact them via Facebook or Twitter.

Here are the instructions for unlocking an IOS 12 device: Mobile Device Unlock: Apple iPhone on iOS 12

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Hey, @magenta7247315​!

I know it has been a few days since you originally posted -- have you been able to unlock your iPhone yet? If not, did the info that @drnewcomb2 post help? The only other recommendation I have is to get in touch with T-Force over Facebook or Twitter to see what the hold-up is. That option may work best seeing as how you're outside of the U.S. and calling may not be super easy.

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Good morning, @magenta7247315​!

Just swinging by one last time to see if you still need help with this. If you do, please take a look at the info that has been posted first and let us know how it went working with T-Force. 

Hello, can anyone help me with unlocking my iPhone 6? I checked IMEI: 354410062590107, it has US TMobile Locked Activation Policy. In Unlock your mobile wireless device if I understand right, I just need to ask it here, or please navigate me where I should leave the message. I use my iPhone in Ukraine and I need to change carrier. 

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Are you a Tmobile USA customer?

They will take requests from customers.

No, I bought the phone here in Ukraine. I don't understand where I need leave the message about unlocking.

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Tmobile USA won't be able to unlock the phone since you're not a customer of theirs.

Are you sure it's a Tmobile USA version and not a European version?

Yes, I checked network coverage using this service, and this is a response Order number 26770 |

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So it's a Tmobile USA phone and with you not being a Tmobile USA customer they won't be able to unlock it for you.

If it's an iPhone and was "unlocked" before it was most likely jailbroke and once there was an os update it relocked it.

There is no jailbrake or other hacks, It's a phone just bought in US and shipped in Ukraine. Tmobile contract is already finished (I think so). I just want to connect with Tmobile support but I don't understand how to connect them. I want that they check my phone and decide what to do. I don't see a chat or something here. How to communicate with support? I can't call them from Ukraine.

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It doesn't matter that the contract is done. What matters is that you are a current/former Tmobile USA customer to request/receive an unlock code.

The person who sold you the phone would of had to request the code if they met the requirements.

Unlock your mobile wireless device

Unlock requirements

We provide mobile device unlock codes free within two business days (or provide further information about timing) for eligible devices.

Device eligibility is determined as follows:

  • The device must be a T-Mobile device.
  • The device must not be reported to T-Mobile as lost, stolen, or blocked.
  • The account associated with the device must be in good standing.
  • You have requested no more than two mobile device unlock codes per line of service in the last 12 months.
  • The device must satisfy all the Postpaid or Prepaid Unlocking terms outlined below.
  • T-Mobile may request proof of purchase or additional information in its discretion and certain other exceptions may apply.

Unlock eligibility for phones, tablets, and mobile Internet devices on Postpaid plans like T-Mobile ONE

  • The device must have been active on the T-Mobile network for at least 40 days on the requesting line.
  • If the device is financed using T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) ,or if it's leased through JUMP! On Demand™, all payments must be satisfied and the device must be paid in full unless otherwise specified.
  • If the device is on an account that is under a service contract term, at least 18 consecutive monthly payments must have been made or the account must have migrated to Simple Choice no contract rate plan.
  • If the device is associated with a canceled account, the account balance must be zero, including all pending charges.

Thank you

Did I miss the part where you've synced the phone with iTunes? That's how you accomplish an iPhone unlock.

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He bought the phone from ebay and is not a Tmobile USA customer since

he lives in the Ukraine.

However, the OP stated, "and they told me that I am eligible for an unlock and would be getting an email in 72 hours", So maybe the unlock was approved anyway but he never got the notification. Would it hurt to try syncing with iTunes?

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Different poster, he hijacked the thread instead of making a new post.

OP was magentaxxxxx this guy was quvtunov.

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