untold line charges when smart watch purchased


why am i being billed for another totally new line , different number, when i ourchased a smart watch? both devices work with bluetooth so i should be sble to pair the debices to make having the ability to use urcwatch for calls, texts, ect. when are phone is not accessible easily. i purchased thecwatch through T-mobile when i bought my own new 13 Iphone and a new 13 Iphone for my daughter. we were told they would only cost us , it was $8.?? each a month. we were NEVER told that we would be billed gor an additional phone line with a totally different phone number! if i knew that the watches were going to be increasing my total bill by $100 a month cuz i couldnt usevthem like i expected , I would never have bought them at that time , or ever posdibly. can someone explain this situation to me so I can have more knowledge about this before I call customer dupport and explain that I am upset snd feel decieved. Thank you, when i dont understsnd it is better to get some information before doing anything rash. LOL appreciate any clarity out there or any other people that have had thiscsame question. 

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