Update Operation Failed when editing e911 address

  • 5 February 2020
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We're trying update our e911 addresses after wifi calling decided to stop working, but for whatever reason only get 'update operation failed'. Have tried on three different devices and browsers with no luck.
Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.


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4 replies

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Call Customer Care at 611 and have them do this manually. 

had to do that. unfortunately there's no answer to *why* it wasn't working in the first place.

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Most things in the web account options do not work and haven't for a while now.

Even calling in to customer service did not work for me. This went on for the last 2 months. Constant phone calls and little to know ability to use my cell phone for calls. Working remotely now due to CV and this was a big issue, causing me to be the closest I’ve been to severing ties with T-Mobile. Finally T-mobile sent me a 4G LTE CellSpot. If you have issues with poor cell coverage in your residential area, and WiFi calling stops working because your e911 address won’t update, this unit is what you want to make sure they send you. 

I posted this in another thread related to setting this device up once received, where many Spectrum customers were running into issues. 

perolason wrote:

I recommend rebooting all the units. Powering up your cable modem first, then the router and lastly the CellSpot. Each unit fully started before the next one is plugged in. I got my CellSpot yesterday and followed the installation instructions, that does not say anything about unplugging your cable modem and router as a first step. I just plugged in the CellSpot to the router, that is connected to the cable modem, as instructed and it was sitting there with flashing green power and orange internet LEDs, and would not go any further. After 10 hours I shut everything down and rebooted everything starting from the cable modem, then the router+switch and lastly the CellSpot. It came up just fine and after about 20 min I got all green lights. Now I got 4 bars in the whole house (2 floors, 3870 sqf), and outside on our back patio. The unit is placed on the first floor in the center of the house in a small storage room under the stairs where I have the router and modem.

I am a current Spectrum customer and followed the recommendations above and was up and rocking within an hour. So far so good. Wish I would have done this years ago. Our service has been nothing but poor in our neighborhood and we relied on WiFi calling mostly until recently experiencing a problem related to e911 and WiFi calling no longer working. Could not get it addressed no matter how much they tried. Now calls are full bars and excellent. Couldn’t be happier. Just hope this doesn’t expose us to anything dangerous related to having a mini-cell tower broadcasting in the middle of our living space. Might be time to get one of those RF meters to really check (slightly nervous laugh) but for the most part, super happy about the service being about what I’d hoped it would be since signing up for T-Mobile originally. Hope this helps others!