Upgrade Fees and Taxes

  • 19 January 2021
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Hi - I was thinking about upgrading my phone and when I spoke with the associate I was told the cost would be ~$70.  On the website, the phone listed was $0 down so I asked what went into that cost.  They responded with and upgrade charge ($20) and taxes.  The phone is listed on the website at $162 and the state I live in has a 1% sales tax so I am just curious what other taxes are included that would make up the difference?

2 replies

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Does your city have a city tax?  This is one of the reasons I prefer to drop by T-Mobile Stores in NewPort News over Hampton, because you can save at least $ in city tax.  The same goes for just about any type of shopping.  The upgrade fee, which I think is ridiculous, is for “help” over the phone or help in-store.  I was charged it once for simply picking up a phone in-store.  All I did was walk in, it was already ready for me, and I signed, paid, and left.  That wasn’t worth $20 so I disputed the charge with T-Mobile. Sometimes they will credit you for the fee.  If you can, buy the device online.  Before you complete your order, there should be a breakdown of everything you will be charged before confirming the order.  

I paid $30 upgrade fee and still spent an hour on the phone activating - all she did was ring me out.