Upgrade? Simple choice to One Military



I have a grandfathered Simple Choice plan. It is good.

4 lines $100 @ 4GB each

2 extra $10/each @ 4 GB

1 line has extra GBs @ $15/mo


$135 and $10+ in fees and tax.


I pay about $150/mo and everyone is happy with the service.


I found I am eligible for T-mobile ONE Military. The rep told me, with autopay it is $120/mo + tax for:


6 lines, unlimited talk/text/data...and it is a 'North America Plan' so it is all free in Canada and Mexico.


I didn't think "Unlimited" data plans existed anymore.


I have been jealously guarding my Grandfathered Simple Choice for years. What am I missing about the ONE Military?  Should I finally switch? I can never go back if I do.



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What do you think @dragon1562  or @tmo_miket

Should I finally give up my Simple Choice?



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There are advantages and disadvantages.  If you switch away from your grandfathered plan, you will not be able to switch back because the plan no longer exists to switch back to. 

Unlimited is up to 50GB for LTE and then you potentially get throttled.  If you tether, your speeds will be pretty slow (around 128kbps).  50GB of data per line though is a lot to blow through in a month.  If you do travel to Canada and Mexico a lot or call either a lot.  There definitely is value in the One plan.  In Canada and Mexico, you get 5GB of LTE data per month before it is throttled down to tethering speeds, if not slower.  Your taxes and fees being included means you will always pay the same price. 

I am not too familiar with the old Simple Choice plans.  I would highly recommend comparing them in detail before deciding to switch. 

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Unlimited Plans do exist and have existed for a very long time with T-Mobile. Many of the other carriers stopped with unlimited data plans due to a variety of reasons, but then added the unlimited plans back after they re-priced their original data plans. I have the Grandfathered Simple Choice Plan with Unlimited Data so I understand how much you want to guard the well being of that plan. But a few things you should be aware of:

#1. The plan is unlimited data but once you reach 50GB you may be throttled if there is congestion on the T-Mobile network in your area.

  (This applies to many of the plans except for the essential plan to my knowledge which has the possibility of being throttled even if you don’t reach the 50GB threshold).

#2. Mobile Hotspot is at 3G speeds (you have the option to upgrade for additional $$$ to get 20GB at 4G speeds)

      I also believe video streaming is at 480p by default. If you upgrade you can obtain Unlimted HD and the 20GB Mobile Hotspot.

#3. I have read on this support forum of people switching plans and becoming agitated after getting a different cellular experience than what the previously had. I believe their concerns were fixed, you can search the forum to find any problems other customers have had switching plans.

#4 Free Netflix (make sure netflix is included) $10.99 value

#5 If you have any other discounts currently on your plan, it may not carry over to your new plan.

#6. On device data usage gets priority over mobile (tethering) hotspot usage.

Everthing I have mentioned, double check with a knowledgeable T-Moblile Representative before switching plans. I would suggest to contact T-Force via Twitter or Facebook so you will have a transcript of what T-Mobile is actually offering you. If you merely talk to a rep at the store... usually they get amnesia once you leave the store. They may forget to tell you ... you have 45 days to verify your military status.

I would switch if I were in your shoes. You will save some $$$ and you will be adding more services and features practically at no extra cost. Taxes and fees are included as well. T-Mobile started this program to honor the service men and women and you guys do deserve it plus more.

Keep in mind about the mobile hotspot (maximum is at 3G speed) that’s kind of slow for moderate use.

If I left anything out I’m very sorry, but T-Mobile have so many variations of the same plan it is very hard to get a handle on all of them.

I hope my post is useful, cheers.

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Great great great.

My plan has $10-$15 a month taxes and fees. The ONE Military is a flat $150 ($120 w/ autopay) so that's good.

Re: throttling over 50GB, now we each stay under 4GB so all si  of us use 20GB or less a month.  Is the 50GB throttling per user or per the whole family?

Secondly, right now I don't think any of use the hotspot feature, so that shouldn't be an issue if it is "slow" hotspot speed.

The bonuses are free use throughout North America, Unlimited data, Netflix, and it is $30-$40 per month cheaper. I am not seeing any limitations.

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The 50GB threshold limit of potential throttling is based on congestion at your particular area/tower and is counted seperately per each line. You may in fact use 70GB of data in a month and not see any reduction in speed.

I am seeing zero reasons to not switch to the Tmobile One Military.  Probably five or six years on my Simple Choice plan, and now this seems better and cheaper. I'll go in tomorrow with my validation documents and switch.  Thank you everyone.

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T-Mobile ONE™️ Military

The link above is a summary of what the Military Plan include.

If I were you, If you haven’t already...  take a look at that page to make sure this is the plan you want.

I have seen also a freephone (select models) can be added to the plan ... so the T-Mobile representatives may try and add on other features and services you may not particularly be interested in with intentions on making money. When I go into a cellular company establishment, I feel as if Im about to buy a car. So be careful.

Let us know how the transition was from your current plan to the new plan. I have never served in the military, I do not have the Military Plan. My post is solely based on what I have read from the T-Mobile website. I provided a link or the image of where I gathered my information.

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Lastly, I have also read on the T-Mobile site of the Military Plan customers being deployed to another country.... T-Mobile giving them special privileges due to that deployment. Because you are supposed to use the T-Mobile service majority of the time in the United States (stateside). but as i mentioned if you contact t-mobile and inform them you are indeed stationed overseas and provde them with proof... they will make certain exceptions for you due to your deployment.

I know I am a bit late to the party but I think it is worth switching. Just remember that the base one plan doesn't get to stream video beyond 480p.

I jumped on it. It starts next week.

For six it should drop from about $155 to about $125.

For my family there isn't a big need for:  Hotspots, HD Video streaming...other than those this seems to be more service for a lower price.

I'll try to write back after it happens and confirm it works as advertised. 

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I’m happy for you and your family.  Currently this is a very good deal.

Check with T-Mobile ... but i remembered reading that Military accounts get a 50% discount on all services.

I am pretty sure it is 50% off a new full membership. Since I had a great old simple choice looks like I am saving $30/ month. That is fine with me.