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  • 4 April 2018
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Hello, I currently have a LG G4 and I've been planning on upgrading to an iPhone 8 Plus. My question is that do I need my primary account holder, since it's not me, to help me upgrade by providing information about our plan and phone or can I just walk in to a T-Mobile store and do it myself?


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3 replies

You don't really need to have the primary account holder with you, as long as you're 18 or older and the primary has you as an authorized user, you can do upgrades to your line either by calling 611 from your T-Mobile phone or in a store.

I have been a Magenta 55 T-Mobile customer since Oct. 2018.  I have recently begun to experience some problems with my LG K30 phone.  Between T-mobile, Google, and LG I'm not really sure where to place blame.  However, I've decided to start shopping for an upgrade. T-mobile shows me the phones and when I go to qualify, I receive a message that I can't be qualified online. Yet, I pay my bill online via direct debit.  And then, I can't seem to get help with the particulars.  Runaround...and if T-mobile doesn't need the business there are other carriers offering good or better plans.


Please let me know!

Not on my case. I just went to the store awhile ago. I’m not the primary account holder and i’m way over 18. I’m the one paying for my mom’s account and unfortunately they did not allowed me to upgrade my iphone. As much as i wanted to have the phone but i have no choice but to do it online.