Usage address doesn't match billing address

  • 26 January 2022
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I moved several months ago, and updated my billing address. However, I didn’t know I also needed to update my usage address until I stumbled on the setting today. I updated it in the system, but the change is not being reflected. Does it take awhile for the update to show up? Is there something else I need to do?

3 replies

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Tmobile system usually takes a day or two to update. Usually you will get a text letting you know a change to your account.

My account also fails to show correct Usage Address and I haven’t been able to get it fixed.  Instead, account lists place150 miles away (entered by local T-Mobile store).  I logged in to fix.  A week later, system did not update Usage Address.  I contacted T-Mobile and rep said it might 72 hours for revisions to show.  I think person shrugged shoulders when I reminded him that at least a week passed already.  He reportedly queued a correction to make Usage Address same as my actual billing and E911 address.

More than 72 hours later, wrong Usage Address continued.  Over the course of following weeks, two more reps tried to resolve problem and, when we spoke, both said to wait 72 hours for update.  Problematically, wrong Usage Address still shows and connection remains weak.

That Usage Address lists one150-miles from my home.  My T-Mobile 5G Wi-Fi Gateway’s signal reception runs Weak+1 bar.  Nearby residents’ physical set-up is similar to mine.  Their actual Usage Address is accurate and they get reliably good-excellent signal.  I don’t know if Usage Address affects where signal bounces and if that affects the unit’s performance.  It sure seems to hamper reception for me.

Solutions welcome.

My usage and e911 address is showing at an address I’ve never been to, or have been associated with 1000 miles away. Shows up at some tiny house when I look it up on google maps. Feels like I should be worried about this showing up in 4/5 lines I have associated with my account when I look it up in the app.