User prepaid account bugged

  • 23 September 2019
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Having a problem with my T-mobile Account being broken. Errors regardless of browser or device when logging in to renew prepaid. I can access the account, it just always (5 months running) has an error that says either "Sorry, there is a system error and please try it later" or "User is Unauthorized", or on the ipad it will say "Error Code 608".

The account was created 5 months ago from a new ipad mini 5. After repeated attempts to add prepaid from myself and from T-Mobile support (the account would not accept any kind of user payment) T-Mobile support eventually concluded T-Mobile's system must be down, so they credited $10 to my account to provide 5gb for 5 months, and said next time everything should work fine.

Well, it doesn't. Exact same problem for 5 months now. Account Errors regardless of browser, computer, or method of logging in.  I assume my account didn't get setup correctly, as 5 months is a long time for T-Mobile's system to be broken.

The 'Contact' link on my account is blank, and clicking on anything from the main T-Mobile site just goes in circles back to my broken account. These forums appear to be the only way to actually 'Contact' beyond calling, which didn't resolve things 5 months ago (they just tried to run my credit card repeatedly until it created a fraud alert, confused why it was running successfully but not actually being applied to my account).

I need to renew the $10 plan, but there is no way to do so until this account bug is resolved.

Any way to quickly deal with this, as the data plan runs out in 1 day?

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I had this problem. Found out the site likes to only load on the mobile device under the cellular data section. You must also be in range of a T-Mobile tower (not a partner tower) to activate. I also had a VPN active that was trying to redirect the connection so even when connected to T-Mobile, their servers saw I was coming from another connection and gave me issues.

In my case, Error 608 was due to payment failing (card had expired). Once updated, it went through normally. There are also other 600 series codes for incorrect PIN but I forget which one it was.


Previously when I had problems, I worked it out by calling support. Sometimes I got someone that helped me out immediately and knew everything… other times I got people who weren’t sure and needed to put me on hold or call me back days later to investigate the issues.