using the visual voicemail app

  • 4 February 2017
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Do i get charged for using the visual voicemail app?


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15 replies

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Visual Voicemail is free to use 😊 You get a free trial of Voicemail to text where it will transcribe the voicemail for you to read and it is $4/month if you want to keep it.


Hello everyone, I see the visual voicemail activated on one of my lines as free and the other line is not even offered.

How long is the free Visual Voicemail trial? I just want to make sure.


I don't know if it is just me but I am wondering on how to multiple select voicemail messages in the visual voicemail app for android?

If it is not available I find it a pain that I cannot multiple select and they should add that feature.

I do not expect to get any offers from my cell phone provider as I should be able to choose what I want.  I am an adult and I should be able to choose any additions to my account. Sneaky apps previously loaded on my phone to add monthly fees should be removed from the new phones.  I thought that T-Mobile was above that but I guess not.  I have removed the Visual Voice Mail app!!!  Please let me know of any other cost Apps that T-Mobile is trying to force on customers.

And since I have removed Visual Voice mail App then I will be very unhappy if I do not receive normal voice mails.

I am already getting strange taxes and fees that were not part of MetroPCS which was supposedly a branch of T-Mobile on my phone bill.  How can MetroPCS include these fees in the monthly bill but the King of cell phone bills, T-Mobile cannot?

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What plan do you have with Tmobile?

I’m on the 55+ family plan with taxes included.

I am also in the 55+ plan


I am also military but was told nothing about the $25 a line plan!!!

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Are you on the Essential 55+ plan? The taxes and fees aren’t included.

But now that I look at it you must have 4 lines.  Not for me.


let me take a look at your link.

Thanks, I did not expected to the taxes and fees that never appeared in my MetroPCS bills.

I guess there are only 2 things that you can expect in life taxes and death unless you are a politician.

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But now that I look at it you must have 4 lines.  Not for me.


I only have 2 lines and pay $60 a month. I have the grandfathered Tmobile One 55+ plan.