USPS lost my trade in phone needed for a rebate

  • 26 November 2019
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Hey, Any update on whats the final result? I am in similar situation but the next promotion of $700 one. Being helped but don’t have final result yet.

i see multiple people having these issues from 2017.

quick note:  I was logged in under our main account, which is why that above "follow up" has a different name attached.  All responses are from me.

Just following up on this. 

At first, every person I spoke with at Customer Care about the post office losing the trade-in was cheery and was certain that T-mobile would do SOMETHING to "make this right."  So every 5 or so days I would call back to see if anything had changed...if maybe the device had shown up despite the tracking number showing no activity past November 17.  But it never showed up. 

Only after I insisted, someone finally did a "handset research form".  (I had to ask for it, based on what I read on the internet.) 

I called back in 2 days ago to see how that was going.  and I spoke to a customer care person again, and she laughingly told me that she checked the tracking number herself and could see that post office hasn't had any movement on this since November 17.  The "people in the back" will look at this and resolve it, she assured me.  They will contact the post office and and deal with the insurance and this will work out. 

Well, today I just got the email regarding the "handset research".  The email said the warehouse never received the device.  That was all the email said.

So I called Customer care once again.  Suddenly everything was different - I was now  told I would not get the $580 rebate --  "there was nothing that could be done since they never received the device", I was now told. 

All I could say was "Why didn't you tell me this was policy 3 weeks ago when I first called".  Why did you ask for the tracking number and then check it while on the phone with me....since none of that would make a difference. 

Three weeks ago I should have been told the truth: "If the phone doesn't show up, you get nothing."  Simple and direct.  Honest.   Why all the sweet talk and statements like "Tmobile will make this right" if the truth is:  "If the phone doesn't show up, you get nothing."

I would have immediately returned the iphone 11 to Costco, cancelled the phone line, and just cut my losses. 

Very disappointed.

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You're welcome to reach out to Care folks and explain the situation. It's worth a shot to see what can be done.

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It's entirely situational, but there's a possibility it may be honored.