V60 ThinQ Dual Screen: Phone goes to mute while on speaker

My husband and I both have these phones now and it's happening with both of them. 

Scenario:  My phone is sitting on my desk (not in my hand), on speaker and I am having a conversation.  Then, the other person can't hear me (as if it was on mute)...the mute is actually not enabled but the only way for them to again hear me is for me to take it off speaker.  This is very frustrating and the fact it's happened to both of us is making me wonder if there's a setting issue or it's just a problem with these models. 


Best answer by tmo_ian 4 June 2020, 16:57

Hey all! So I I let our teams know we still had some examples with the new update, and it turns out they found two separate things causing the same muting experience. It looks like this one happens specifically when you get another call or a message. The last update fixed the one that was happening randomly, but they're working on another update for the calls/messages one.

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Hmmm.  Have you tested the mic with other applications, like Skype, Zoom, recording video with sound, and others to make sure the mics are working?

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agreed...the above will help eliminate if its a device issue, call issue etc...helps narrow down where the issue keeps popping in. its ONLY while using the speaker phone on a call correct? not while its connected to Bluetooth or anything like that? wifi calling turned on or off?

Since I've only had the phone for about two weeks, it hasn't had a vigorous testing.  However, I have found (online) other people posting reviews where the same issue has occurred.  That with the fact that my husband had it happen...

Unfortunately, I don't use skype or zoom.  recording video with sound worked fine.  Furthermore, if the call is working off speaker and works for a while on speaker, the mic works.  And then it doesn't. 

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That makes it sound like an issue with the speakerphone implementation in the dialer app.  Perhaps contacting LG Support will get it resolved the quickest.

I also have the same issue too since I got this phone around 2 weeks ago.

To provide a some more details I am connected to the dual screen but I am not connected to any bluetooth devices. I am using the built-in phone app and have not installed any other phone apps.

I turn on speaker mode then the user can hear me fine for a period of time around a minute or so (I believe when the screen goes black it cuts off the speaker but not sure on that). Then I have to turn the screen back on if it went off and then turn off and re-enable speaker. Then it works again temporarily until it does the same thing again.

Looks like a lot of other people are having the same issue so I really hope this is a software issue (several others in other forums as well, and LG's too).

It's really annoying because you will be in the middle of a sentence and then people will start saying "Are you still there..."

Add me to the list of users with the sudden speakerphone mute problem. I have tried both TMo cell and WiFi calling, but the problem happens with both. One other WA is to plug headphones in and out, but that's not convenient. Has anyone tried the Google phone app? It was just released for general use.

To T-Mobile, you might want to re-consider selling this phone or getting some help from LG. Obviously something's broken.

I finally got someone in support to find out and admit that the speaker cutting out is a known issue.  They opened a ticket.  I will update here as this progresses. 

I just replied to someone else having this same issue.  Call support and report it as my rep found and admitted that it's a known issue.  Not sure why they are selling phones with an issue like this.  I realize cell phones have come a long way but you should be able to make calls using very common features.

Tmobile support found the speakerphone cutting out is an issue and opened a ticket.  I will update here when we get a response from them.  Also, since we're on "house lockdown" it's been solely using the wifi.  Our wifi is quite good in this house without a lot of issues, so pretty sure that has nothing to do with it.

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Did you speak with someone directly from LG support or T-Mobile?

I've been dealing with this for over a month now and it's super frustrating because I almost exclusively use my speakerphone. everyone at T-Mobile and LG act like they have never heard of this before and so I have gotten no support or help to resolve this. Everybody keeps talking about network settings and clearing the cache when it's clearly a device issue. I have also seen the same problems on Verizon and AT&t forums.

I feel your pain.   Finally gave up, returned the phones though they insisted on calling it a buyer's remorse return, which I had a problem with seeing as they were defective.   We just got a couple Galaxy s20s which is easier to deal with Samsung bloat than phones that don't work

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I'm sad we weren't about to fix your phones. I did check with my internal teams and they weren't able to find a know problem with the speaker. Returning those was the best choice. I do hope the new phones are working better for you.

Well I was never to get a new phone so my wife and I are stuck with these.

T-Mobile is pretty pathetic. When there are this many people across all

carriers with this issue T-Mobile should do what's right and let us return

our defective devices.


Strictly speaking, no pun intended, it's not a problem with the speaker, but the speakerphone mode and it's the microphone that has the issue.

Someone from your internal teams should check some of the returned phones to see the problem firsthand.

My husband and I are having the same issue. We have had our phones for about 2 weeks. The only way the other person can hear me again when this happens is if I hang up and call back. This makes it incredibly frustrating when I am talking to clients. Especially when it happens more than once.

Count this as another v60 with this problem. A fix needs to happen and the denials that this is not a known issue need to end. Called support, the said they would call back the next day and they didn't. Remorse returns is not acceptable for a phone purchased from Tmobile directly that can't handle a basic feature.

I use the google phone app as a default. that's what i was using when this started happening initially. it seems to happen regrdless of what app you are using.

I've had my v60 for about 3 weeks and this has been a constant issue. I almost exclusively use speakerphone when in my work truck and have had so many calls where my mic has dropped out I've gone to using the Verizon flip phone my company provides. Please fix this.

unfortunately i'm not sure anyone at t mobile cares. between texting and calling in i have spoken to them about 8 to 10 times. every time i have to explain the situation all over again so obviously they dont leave notes on customers accounts. also everytime they act shocked and act like they have never heard of this before.

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mainly a FYI but even if TMO DID know its an issue they dont get to make the call on that..they really cant say much other than pass it up the chain to the manufacturer (in this case LG) and once THEY say its a known issue THEN the carrier can also say the same thing.

didnt read through every post but has anyone contact LG directly or checked out their forums to see if its been talked about in there at all? they will be the ones that must make changes or kick out fixes anyways..

I don't buy that argument. I have contacted LG twice now and they say they

don't know anything about that issue. So maybe T-Mobile isn't passing the

information along? Surprising right, because they obviously care about

their customers?! The only thing they have said is that I need to ship my

device back to them so they can have a look at it, and I don't want to go a

month without a phone.

Second, I have purchased something from a store before and returned it

because I wasn't happy with it. And when I returned it they either gave me

a refund, replace the device or gave me in-store credit to use towards

something else. T-Mobile did send me a new phone and then told me I had to

pay for shipping charges. and when the second one had the same issues they

said they were out of options. That's it. They also told me I could sell my

phone and the buy something else with the money I get from my phone...WTF??

That's customer service??

I think they could do more.

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LG is a royal pain to try and get issues addressed.  There is a reason why they are 6 months behind in major updates.  Keep on them and check their forums. 

I am also in the same boat. Got the Buy 1 get 1 free deal for the LG V60. One phone seems to be fine, though I do not use the speaker very often but when I do use it I haven't had  the mic cut out.

BUT... the other phone has the mic cutting out during calls when the speaker phone is working. I have gone through and did a factory reset and kept all the extra "phone/mic" apps off of it and have this problem. I called TMO and they said they would send a new replacement, which we got this past week. Again I keep getting the microphone cutting out with the speaker phone.

I will test some of these other ideas listed, like the turn the speakerphone off, to see if what I have is the same. There are quite a few people discussing this microphone cutting off issue and hopefully it'll be resolved.

I've been with LG phones since the G2 and think they pretty decent. Actually I have a LG G6 that has been running nearly nonstop for over 3 years and it still runs like a champ.

I have the same issue. Randomly during a call (sometimes 1 minute, sometimes 10 minutes), a conversation is going on and then all the sudden they ask if i am still there. I have to take it off speakerphone to talk again.

Both T-Mobile and LG have been super unhelpful in addressing the problem. T-Mobile told me the issue sounds like another factory reset is needed which i already did once. LG just says to send it in and then its a 2 week turn around for an issue they have "never seen". So... it looks like it will just be a wait and see for an update to address it. The only positive is i can use an app like Google Voice and it doesnt cut out. Hopefully it's just something software related but no idea when or if they will actually fix it. A huge negative on an otherwise great phone. I love everything else about it but this speakerphone calling issue is a HUGE problem. I also user speakerphone often.