V60 ThinQ Dual Screen: Phone goes to mute while on speaker

My husband and I both have these phones now and it's happening with both of them. 

Scenario:  My phone is sitting on my desk (not in my hand), on speaker and I am having a conversation.  Then, the other person can't hear me (as if it was on mute)...the mute is actually not enabled but the only way for them to again hear me is for me to take it off speaker.  This is very frustrating and the fact it's happened to both of us is making me wonder if there's a setting issue or it's just a problem with these models. 


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I also have this problem with my v60. However I have found that if I just turn off the speaker mode and turn it back on it starts working again without hanging up on the call. So I just do that. It is an annoyance however that LG is not acknowledging there is an issue. Perhaps the people who have gotten problem tickets could help refer the rest of us to whomever they are working with or have that support person reach out to this forum support topic?


I also have been experiencing the same issue while carrying a conversation on speaker phone, the phone will mute itself and I'll have to switch back to regular mode to finish my conversation. I 100% believe that this is a LG software issue that LG Needs to address. I say that because this is my second LG V60, my first one I had, I dropped it and  I didn't have a case on it and the rear glass shattered but that phone also had muting issues while I was using the speaker, it would also mute in the middle of a call. Fortunately I had insurance on the phone, the insurance company sent me a brand new, still in the box device. It was not a refurbished phone at all, it was 100% brand new. I have tried everything, turning it on and off, turning  it on and off while plugged in to the power outlet. I've tried a hard reboot unplugged, I've tried to hard reboot while still plugged in to the power outlet. I've cleared the caches to every single app, I've used the cleaning software that's preloaded on the phone multiple times. Nothing works. So if your phone works perfectly fine with the exception of the speakerphone, I suggest that you do not return it for a replacement because I guarantee the next LG V60 you receive will have this exact same issue with the speakerphone. This is a software issue, 100%, that only LG can correct with a software update, hopefully.

I am having / had this same issue... Long saga with V60.  First phone had second screen malfunctions on day two.  I don't know if the drop call issue was occurring, as I only had phone for two days, and don't make calls that much. Contacted support, they sent out replacement of phone and screen... But only the phone arrived, without the dual screen.  I also found that additional services were added and that it was billed incorrectly.  Called and got that resolved, sent out a replacement with dual.

This is noteworthy:  I was told to use the sim card from my initial phone in the replacement phone.  I'm certain from the standpoint of convenience.

I had the issue with the phone going dark (within 2 seconds--store told me this was normal??), and then, shortly, the person I was speaking with could no longer hear me.  To resolve, you have to wake the phone up again, in panic mode because the person on the other end cannot hear you.  Sometime I was able to resume the call, other times not.  To prevent this from happening, I had to constantly tap the screen so it would not go dark (not acceptable).

Later I learned if the phone app was not in the full window (i.e. you had pressed the "drawer" button to switch apps), the issue did not happen (still not acceptable).

Called support.  Was told to do factory reset.  Did that a number of times, but problem not solved.  Called support again.  They told me to go to T-Mobile store and get a new sim card.  I did this.  The store showed me dark "lines" on the old sim card, which they said indicated there was some issue, mentioning that the sim card may have been trying to access the original phone.  She described the old sim card as "burned".

I was dubious that this resolved the issue, but I just made a 45 min call without issue.  I think the screen did go dark, but that did not seem to really impact anything.

I don't know if I feel this is a speaker phone issue.  My guess is a problem with the phone app.  The T Mobile people I spoke with said they were not familiar with this, but it does not seem uncommon based on the other comments here.  I don't know if the issue is fixed, or if the sim card is "burning" again.  Regarding this phone and the dual case and the speaker phone, I'm really not sure how you actually are supposed to hold the phone in the case for a call.  Case open is awkward... Cased closed?  (Pun intended)

As an update, the SIM Card change did not last.  The issue is worse than ever.

Yeah I tried changing my SIM card multiple times

I just got the LG V60 ThinQ 5G (single phone, not dual) and it's a really amazing phone (this is subjective as I've been using the same phone for 3 years LG V10). The screen is huge, the image is crisp, the volume is excellent, but the battery and camera are what sold me on it. Fantastic value for the price. BUT, I use my phone for business and I only use the speakerphone. Wow. The frustration!!! I may get a minute or a few minutes before the screen times out and it goes mute...and I don't know it until: "are you still there?" Every. Single. Call. The only way to re-engage the call is to disable and then re-enable the speakerphone, all before being able to say, "I'm still here!!!" That's if they haven't ended the call already.

From what I'm reading up above it's a software issue and T-Mobile knows about it and LG knows about it. I hope for future buyers that they fix this problem. For me, I'll be returning mine, unfortunately.

I have the same problem. I purchased two LG V60 phones and have had the same problems since day one. We use these phones for business purposes so it is extremely frustrating and embarrassing to be in the middle of a call speaking while no one heard what you just said.

I called TMobile and they connected me with an LG rep who had me jump through the hoops of clearing cache and storage then wanted me to do a factory reset and if that didn't work to send my phone to be evaluated by a technician.

They know this is an issue and they want to give us the illusion that they are taking care of it by inconveniencing us and disrupting several aspects of our life, since cell phones have become central to what we do professionally and personally.

They have released a subpar product, they pretend it is the very first time they hear about it - every time someone reports it, and they don't care how much they inconvenience us in order to continue pretending everything is fine.

Hopefully a solution is found soon.

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Hey all! We've heard back from our support teams and they're aware of this and are working with LG to correct it. We've also confirmed that a replacement won't resolve the issue. In the meantime, they're recommending using the device off of speakerphone, like with a headset or Bluetooth speaker.

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Hey all! The LG V60 just had a Software update​ that should resolve the muting on speakerphone. LG does staggered updates, so you might not get it until the end of the week. Let us know if it gets everything working correctly!

Already completed the update and it DOES NOT resolve the issue - phone constantly goes to mute any time it's on speaker.

I've done extensive testing has eliminated the following causes:

Factory reset completed.

Hard reset completed

Behavior consistent across all apps/platforms - calls, Zoom, Teams, Skype

Brand new sim card

happens on both outbound and inbound

Behavior noted at time of event:

Can be triggered seemingly at random - not set time period when it cuts out (ranges from 2- 5 minutes)

Immediately happens if you get a message or call while on speaker.

turning speakerphone off and on again re-enables the mic

Ditto  . My husband's also.

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Y'all should do the update. It completely fixed the issue for me and felt like some weight was lifted off my shoulders. Make sure your phone has the most recent update. I had to manually ask my phone to search for a update and it said....found one! So naturally, I downloaded it and checked the software version to make sure it was the right one.

Good luck out there. This thread was useful. I even had it bookmarked on my home screen.

Stay safe

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If the issue is resolved for some but not others.  Perhaps a factory flash with LG Up, which completely will wipe the device, might help where the partial update has failed to do so.

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Hey all! So I I let our teams know we still had some examples with the new update, and it turns out they found two separate things causing the same muting experience. It looks like this one happens specifically when you get another call or a message. The last update fixed the one that was happening randomly, but they're working on another update for the calls/messages one.

Looks like LG fixed it when there is only one call but not when there is a second call coming.  But I'm able to receive messages during speaker calls and have no mute issue.  Are you sure it happens with the messages as well? 

Good to hear


Hello, I just received my new V60 ThinQ 5G and I love it. However, I am having the same issue as everyone else, when I am on a received call, the phone automatically put the call on mute when i am receiving another  call. Does anybody know when the next update will be release to fix this issue. Thanks

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Hey there!


Can you let us know what software version you’re phone is on?


The V60 ThinQ 5G software version is V600TM10p

Same issue here even after the latest update from yesterday. Works fine at first, then mutes my mic after a minute or so. Software version V600TM10r.

I also noticed that you can't control the volume of the call after it does this. 

VM600TM10x still has this issue

I'm still having the issue. Got it replaced twice now. Still have the issue. I called TMobile and they promised me a new phone, not a refurbished one. Just needed 48 hours to process my order. They never called me back or gave me my phone. Now they're saying that manager is not responding for whatever reason. And will not acknowledge the promise of giving me a new phone. Thanks t-mobile. Loyal customer for 13 years. Now I'm going to leave because of your poor service and promises. Goodbye and good riddance.

Tbh avoid this phone at all cost. I bought 2 and have nothing but problems. I constantly have to restart the phones to get anything achieved.