Visual Voicemail Continually Doesn't Recognize Account

  • 17 February 2021
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I am using Android 11 on a Pixel 4.

Every time I open Visual Voicemail, the  app tells me “Visual Voicemail appears associated to a different account.” and gives me an option to reboot or setup a new account.

  • I have tried to reboot. This does not help and I am unable to access anything, still getting the error above.
  • I have tried to set up a new account. This does not help- I am asked to wait and then I am unable to access anything. Still get the error.
  • I have gone into application settings, deleting the cache and storage for the app. I then uninstalled the app. Same thing: no access to any voicemails or get past the associated to a different account page.
  • I have just tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app. That gives me the same thing.
  • I have tried to uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall the app. Still nada.

Every time I try to create a new account, it tells me it’s activating my account and it’ll notify me when ready. I then tells me again… it’s associated to a different account. Sometimes when I do the above steps, it tells me “This is taking longer than expected. Please wait.” It ends with the same associated to a different account error.



9 replies

having the same issue on new Galaxy S21.  have tried everything I can think of - reboot, reinstall, etc.

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Have you tried installing the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app?  The only device that I had Visual Voicemail work through the native dialer, is my OnePlus 7 Pro.

Yes, this is happening with the Visual Voicemail app installed - that is where I’m seeing the message each time I log in about not recognizing account.  See screenshot for more detail


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I would give Customer Care a call then and talk to Support about the issue.  That app should pretty much work on any Android device using T-Mobile, even if it wasn't purchased from T-Mobile. 

Did anyone find any solution to the issue? I’m getting the exact same error each time I start the app as shown in the screenshot by @jmarkjewett . It’s annoying setting the app as if it’s the first time you’re using it, each time you access it. 

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Backup all voicemail you want to keep.  Just import them somewhere.

Call in customer care and have them reset your Voicemail account and it should fix the problem

You can contact through Facebook, Twitter, T-Mobile app, or dialing 611 from your handset.


Yes, this is happening with the Visual Voicemail app installed - that is where I’m seeing the message each time I log in about not recognizing account.  See screenshot for more detail


Same freakin’ issue.  I’ve cleared Cache - restarted device, deleted app and reinstalled, logged out, etc….nothing works. 

I have the same issue with Samsung Galaxy S21 5G.

Each time visual voice mail app is opened, “appears associated with different account..”message.

Cleared cache, re-installed visual voice mail app, restarted several times, nothing works

Visual Voicemail is bloatware that's has had issues for years that of all the things T-Mobile has done, they have refused to fix this and after 10+ years I may need to change carriers since employer does not want to reimburse a service they have seen block them and not allow voicemails. The blocking was despite me not even having that service and them being in my contacts and same person could call me a couple horus later and get through without issue. I've had too many random issues with visual voicemail over the years to even start and now have this one. Maybe the new partnership with Google, in addition to Messages, Google can tell them about the free service they have had for half decade with far more features than paid visual voicemail and I would be so amazingly happy with only that for the  next uncarrier event. I'd even settle for ability to change number for Voicemail so that users have a choice of what service to use without call forwarding that is not a universal setting.