voice mail keeps saying invalid

  • 14 March 2019
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my voice mail keeps saying invalid.  started happening since coming over to T-Mobile.  It does not do so on other phones I have with T-Mobile.  I have an I-phone.  Apple says this is a carrier problem.


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4 replies

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You may need to get with apple to reset your voicemail because Apple handles voicemail. You could try speaking with T-Mobile and having your line refreshed or reset. You might also need to go back through your iPhone voicemail setup.

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Hey, @ron1caldwell​!

I agree with @snn555 that your voicemail profile may need to be reset on our end. To have your voicemail profile reset give us a call at 611 or work with T-Force over Facebook/Twitter.

When I try to set up my voicemail and I put my phone number and it’s saying invalid mailbox,My phone is Apple,but my carrier is not T-Mobile I have a different carrier, and my voicemail is not working at all When I try to put my phone number and it’s saying invalid mailbox what should I do

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you brought your apple phone with you to the new carrier correct? are we talking about the voicemail app or the one built in that you must dial into and use number prompts to do stuff in there?