Voicemail says its invalid

  • 21 November 2020
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I have called many time to tech support and even apple and have gotten no where. I got a new iPhone 12 pro. The voice mail worked but I would also get a text every time I got a voicemail so I called t-mobile. Next thing I know my voicemail is invalid and no fix in sight and they try to say its user error. I have resets the network setting and phone setting. I also tried my sim in my old samsung s20 and even activated a new SIM card and nothing has changed. Mind you this is my phone for my company, so when people call me for a job and I’m in a basement I’m losing the job cause they can’t get in touch with me and think my phone is no longer in service. Yes some people may text me but older people don’t understand what’s going on. And all they say is we have a ticket open. A open ticket doesn’t pay my bills. Ive already spent 5 hours total between different calls and it is not affecting me finically. 

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