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  • 28 October 2022
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“VPN Not Installed” error message is now popping up when I go to do ANYTHING to my son’s phone on the BS “Family Mode” app, which like others have stated, is no different or better than the original Circle, which we already had. Only difference is that SUPPOSEDLY we have control over their WIFI AND the network. Is that right?

In the meantime, the error message says “Internet cannot be paused for this device sa the VPN is not installed on it. Please make sure the VPN is installed, blah blah blah”.

How? This is a first! I know my son hasn’t deleted the app, because I have a lock code on his iphone’s app that he shouldn’t know.

To make matters worse, as is often the case, I was sold on the “Famliy Allowances” thing, thinking I’d be able to suspend it “as needed” which wasn’t so at all! I mean, why not at least allow us to pause service entirely “as needed”?? We are still going to have to pay for it, so….WHY??


And can I reset my code to get into the app without having to uninstall, and reintsall it? Because if that’s an option I’m not finding it.

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