Walmart Prepaid vs Simply Prepaid vs Simple Choice

  • 6 March 2016
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The AT&T 2G network is shutting down, so I will be moving to T-Mobile and make the jump to using a smart phone with data. There are three plans and so I am trying to assess which is best for me. I anticipate being a low data user, so I am just considering the lowest data tier on all the plans.


  • Walmart Prepaid (5GB, 100 min, unlimited txt) - $30
  • Simply Prepaid (3GB, unlimited min/txt) - $40
  • Simple Choice (postpaid) (2 GB, unlimited min/txt) - $40 ($50 but with a $10 discount due to mobile internet plan)

It would appear the Walmart Prepaid would be the best choice as it is the lowest price with the highest data allowance. The telephone minutes are nominal, but should be sufficient and can be topped up as necessary at $0.10/minute.

What considerations would drive a person to select either the Simple Choice or Simply Prepaid plans rather than the Walmart Prepaid? I already have a Mobile Internet plan (postpaid). Additionally, how adequate is 2 GBs?

The Simple Choice plan seems to be the go-to plan when selecting the 6 GB plan due to the various special enhancements (video streaming, data stash, international roaming), but at the lowest data tier it doesn't seem viable.

Thanks for your comments.

6 replies

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Walmart plan does not get the full benefits either. It doesn't get BingeOn for example. Also if you rely on short codes then you need to be on a simple choice plan as the other plans it isn't included.

As far as what is viable since every person is different it's hard to say. Personally I could get by with 500mb. I actually have to try hard to use more than that. I literally have to apply myself to do so.

Below is a list of additional considerations I've been able to identify. Is there anything missing or do I have anything wrong?

(1)    SMS Short Codes not supported on Prepaid

(2)    Account (Payment/Call) History not supported on Prepaid

(3)    Network congestion prioritization lower on Prepaid

(4)    Customer Care outsourced on Prepaid (but not Postpaid?)

(5)    International Texting not supported on Prepaid

(6)    Free WiFi calling not supported on Walmart Prepaid

(7)    Domestic Roaming (data) not supported on Walmart Prepaid

(8)    Data Tethering not supported on Walmart Prepaid

(9)    Conditional Call Forwarding not supported on Prepaid (Needed for Google Voice Integration)

(10) Canada/Mexico service supported on Prepaid (but not Walmart) for an additional $5 add-on

(11) Rhapsody Music Streaming not supported on Prepaid, supported on Postpaid for $4

(12) Video Streaming at zero data cost not supported on Prepaid and requires 6GB Postpaid

(13) Data Stash not supported on Prepaid and requires 6GB Postpaid

(14) International Roaming not supported on Prepaid and requires 6GB Postpaid

(15) Activation of Walmart Prepaid is very problematic and requires the SIM card kit to be purchased from there.

BingeOn (video compression) I thought was available to all, although at zero data cost requires 6GB Postpaid. Are you saying video compression is available to Simply Prepaid, but not to Walmart Prepaid?

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That looks about right.

That's what I meant about BingeOn. You can't get 0 rating for the videos. You'll get the compression.

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As far as tech support

Postpaid is a little of both. Depending on the time of day I call(I am in hawaii) I get mountain time to central time locations. If it's really late in my day I will get someone in the Philippines. I don't think most people in the 48 states will get that late to call where they would get that area.

I am on the $30 'Walmart' plan myself. Looking at my account online I do have the capability to turn BingeOn on or off.  I don't know if it is because I activated the phone through Tmobiles website and then chose the plan that way or what.  I did purchas the phone via walmarts website for instore pickup though as it did require it to be a phone from wal-mart.

I have yet to see if BingeOn actually works though as I do not use my phone for youtube or netflix or anything of the sort.

As far as SMS short codes go.  I get texts from my Chase visa card when something hits my alert settings.  I also get texts from my credit union as well.   I do 2 way authentication with google and receive those short codes.  I even got short codes from Turbo Tax for my taxes.

You can send international texts for free from your phone.  I believe they do cost to receive?  I have not investigated that.

Never tried Wi-Fi calling but I believe you are correct that it would deduct from your minutes.

I have used the smartphone mobile hotspot on my (albeit old) LG phone and it works just fine.

Just my 2 cents.

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You can turn it off or on, but you will not get rating 0 where Netflix, Hulu, and such will not count against your data.  It will compress the video to 480p however.