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  • 20 January 2018
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I want to cancel my account. I want to know if I can send my phones back and get my money back that I paid? Or what is the process that I need to go through?

11 replies

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If you are within 14 days you can return the phone and get your money back minus any restocking fees and only pay for the service used in that period of time.

If you are past that point the phones are yours and cannot be returned.  You would need to pay any outstanding balance in full at time of canceling. To cancel you would need to call T-Mobile or visit a store.

Why is it that you want to cancel?

We have absolute no service at home! We are beyond our 14 days.

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At this point to save the cost of having to pay out of pocket for any outstanding balances on devices and service you might consider contacting T-Mobile about getting an LTE cellspot if you have home internet already.

That device will give you 5 bars of LTE service over a 3000 square foot area. If you have any service outside whatsoever you could use the LTE booster Duo. That does not require having home internet.

Both devices come with a $25 deposit however T-Mobile has been known to waive that fee to keep customers who have little to no service at their home.

I might would give that a shot before I cancelled service and had a huge bill to pay.

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Howdy, @kristy.sanders! It's a bummer to read about the service issues you've been having -- and to learn that you're outside of the Buyer's Remorse period. 😥 Have you recently moved, or have you always had service like this? If you're a newer customer, or you've moved recently, then hopefully we just haven't had the chance to talk to you about a coverage solution, like @snn555 mentioned. We'd want to take a look at your area to make sure we were recommending the right option for you -- have you reached out to our Tech team so that we could take a look at what's going on where you're located? We'd hate to lose y'all -- hopefully this is something we can figure out a solution for! On a side note, I'm going to send a private message your way about your username -- please take a peek in your inbox when you have a moment! Thank you! 😊

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Hey there! Just wanted to check back in here and see how things are going for you. Did you get a chance to Community-2153​ so that we could see if a coverage solution would help with your service at home?

lucky my iPhone xs max is from apple and factory unlocked, and I'm going to Verizon next month I been with t mobile since 2013 and time for a change, t mobile has terrible service in my area and used several devices and all the same, so Verizon here I come, t mobiles 611 customer service is rude and terrible all you get is some lady overseas that don't speak English well and I find that annoying..good by t mobile going to the #1 big red VZW

did that a while ago and they offered some signal booster I tried them in the past and nope not going there, the 611 t mobile reps are rude, I've made my mind up im leaving t mobile..sorry its my choice

Our service is crap too at home. I will be cancelling soon and moving to Verizon. I tried to get a booster for our signal and they asked if I had wifi. I said no. So they said we do have something that will work. I agreed and they sent it to me. the very first thing I read was must have wifi in order for this to work once I received the booster. It was then that I gave up on T-Mobile.

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So either you're a fool or you're up to something because nobody buys a 1,000 plus dollar phone and then changes carriers. Especially if their service is crap begin with.

Have fun being overcharged. Also be aware of that new phone that doesn't get a very good signal to begin with.

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you don't have to have Wi-Fi for a signal booster. The signal booster takes the signal from outside and sends it inside to the home. The LTE cellspot can run off of a router or it can plug directly into the modem.  the Wi-Fi cellspot is like them giving you a free router which is like a free Tower. So it sounds like you didn't really understand what they were talking about.

I v been trying to get in touch with an agent on phone to cancel my slow t mobile wifi service. It s been an hour and I cant get to an agent to cancel. Moreover T Mobile doesnt make it easy to even go and cancel online. So much for the T mobile service. Please call me back T mobile- i dont want the wifi service any more.