Wanting to give my Galaxy S9 to mom

  • 15 October 2020
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My mom is on disability income and I just found out her phone (Moto 4 plus)’s battery was bulged. I had her unplug it and use her even older phone for the time being. I also recently ordered the new OnePlus 8T. I was wanting to give her my Galaxy S9 to use until she’s able to get another phone on her own.

We’re both on TMobile but our accounts are connected. My question is whether or not she would need a new SIM card or something else to set up to use the phone on her account.


The Galaxy S9 is paid off through the account about 7-8 months ago.

Do others have experience with this? My goal is to minimize cost as it’s not like she has much income that isn’t already going to rent/food.

3 replies

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She just needs to take the sim out of the moto and put it in the S9.


Upon googling, looks like they may both take Nano SIM - that would make things much easier.

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That’s what’s nice about sim cards.