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  • 27 October 2018
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I get this message for about 11 dys now after beeing able to log into my tmobile and chosing one of my two accounts. Tried different computers, browsers and cleared cookies and browsers. Can aybody help please?


Best answer by tmo_mike_c 17 November 2018, 00:07

Okay, well thank you for trying. Engineers do know this is an issue and they are continuing to work on it. I wish I had more to update you on, but this is a known issue that our teams are continuing to work on to get fixed.

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58 replies

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Do you get this message when you log into your account or when you try to click on something after you log in? If it's after, what are you clicking on exactly?

I have this same issue which is ridiculous. Fix the site!

I am having this same issue - What is T-Mobile doing to fix this and allow me to manage my account?

I am also getting other odd error messages!

I've also been having this problem all week.  I went to log in last week to pay my monthly prepaid plans, and got the above errors.  I figured I'd come back to it in a few days, and am still getting the same above errors every time I try to log in to My TMobile.

My account needs to renew in a few days, and if I can not log in to manage the account, I can neither add funds, nor even add pre-paid funds.  My service will be suspended because TMobile's website is not letting me access my own account!

Just as above, I've seen the "due to extremely high demand" error a few times.   I see the "we are currently having trouble with your request.  Please wait a few minutes and try again" every time.   I can successfully log int (thus I can post to the forum here) however, when it presents me with my two accounts to manage, if I click either one I get this error. 

This needs to be resolved, or our accounts will be suspended if we cannot renew prepaid plans!  TMobile: HELP!!!

I called in this evening and was offered zero assistance. I was told that the hold time to speak to the prepaid dept was an hour and a half and I could wait to speak with them and put more money on the account (without actually knowing if it required it since no one was willing to assist me and tell me if it required it).

Same issue....t-mobile website is not working for many prepaid customers.  Call center staff is substandard.  Fix it.

I'm replying directly to @tmo_mike_c as this issue gets worse and worse and needs immediate TMobile attention.  I am also hoping to mention and draw some official support by mentioning listed as community manager, and perhaps the only person able to draw the needed attention on a key issue of which a growing number of people seem to be experiencing issues with simply accessing accounts and paying for service, and no other support option exists for us.

There is updated information now that something has changed but is arguably worse.

Please note I am the same user as @magenta6649032

Due to the change in the problem I had to create a new TMobile ID for the sole purpose of posting this update because as of today I can no longer log in fully to my  @magenta6649032 account.  I imagine other people are unable to post here as a result of this as well so the amount of posts to this thread may be very low compared to the number of people affected, as the affected people can not actually post to this thread!  We also can *NOT* message TMobile directly as we can't get into our accounts.  Phone support has not only hold times long enough to be useless, but also provides conflicting, useless information.  The community managers available on this forum are the ONLY hope any of us have to remain TMobile customers for longer than a few days to a few weeks.  If this is not resolved by then, we will not have added funds, our accounts will be suspended, and we'll really have no choice but go to AT&T for GSM phones.


This is the updated status of the problem

The previous behavior was successful login to My TMobile, followed by the above screenshots errors when trying to select an account to manage.

The new behavior is this: I am greeted by a page that tells me there is no Primary Account Holder for the account (I have 2 prepaid phone accounts under my login.)  It wants me to confirm the primary account with the last 4 digits of the SSN.

There are multiple problems here.

1) The phone number it wants me to confirm from the account as the primary is *NOT* the phone that is mine, it is the one I manage for a family member under my account.  It gives me no option to select a different one.

2) If I press "SKIP" it warns me "Are you sure you want to skip? By skipping this action you will be unable to set the primary account holder on any of your other lines linked to this T-Mobile ID. "  I may have to complete the Skip to experiment after I send this message but for now I have not.  After completing "skip" the situation may or may not become worse.

3) Since the account belongs to me, but the phone number account it wants me to make primary does not belong to me, I'm not sure which SSN it wants.  If I enter the last 4 digits of mine, it gives me the message "Service Unavailable. Uh-oh, it looks like we have our wires crossed. Please try again later."

4) Most importantly: This is a pre-paid account.  TMobile does NOT have SSNs on file for these accounts.  How is it confirming primary account holders by verifying a number TMobile does not have to begin with?!?

As a result, I can not log in.  I can not manage accounts.  I can not add funds to accounts.  I can not set a "Primary Account" when prompted because it will not accept my SSN digits, and likely can't verify it against a number it doesn't have.

Please understand that means two lines of phone service are entirely unable to be paid or managed.  THESE PLANS WILL BE SUSPENDED THIS MONTH OF THIS PROBLEM IS NOT RESOLVED.

Please also understand that whatever the cause of these issues, for affected customers who may or may not all be prepaid customers the My TMobile website and app are effectively 100% NON-OPERATIONAL AT THIS TIME.  This is a CRITICAL issue that needs direct TMobile staff assistance.  We are unable to message TMobile support directly due to the problem.  Phone support seems unable to comprehend or address the problem.  You on this community forum that are TMobile staff are our absolute only hope of resolving this issue and remaining TMobile customers.  If you can not help us, and can not help us *RAPIDLY* we won't have to actually leave TMobile, TMobile is going to cancel our service for us. for some of us in weeks, and some of us in mere days. 

I have experienced the same website failure for a week and really need to make a payment to a family members account. It is absurd that the website would be broken for this long.

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We've been getting reports of issues happening with the sites for some folks but our engineers are working. You'll want to Community-2153​ and have one of our Team of Experts or T-Force folks file a ticket for this.

Except we have been calling in, only to be told the wait time is an hour and a half to speak to prepaid - or that no one can do anything. I’ve been told by 4 different people that no one will be able to do anything. So my only option is to cancel my 4 postpaid and 2 prepaid accounts then, since T-Mobile doesn’t care to fix this egregious issue??!?

To be blunt, the call center is not equipped to handle issues with the website.  They very clearly don't have the information and/or training at their disposal there.  Is there a direct email contact that can be provided for a group that can deal with this?  Or can you or anyone on the community team create tickets or locate someone to contact us proactively without requiring a login?  As mentioned the "Message Us" button does not work to have a ticket opened, because that messaging option requires being logged in and selecting an account, and the inability to do that is the actual problem.  That's the trouble, you and the staff here is the only point of contact available to us at this time, outside the call center that may be fine for resolving broad account issues or changing plans, but does not have the information they need for handling a website/account management problem.

I can post on this forum using a new account I created today to post to the forum, but since it's not the account tied to a phone line, it won't let me use the "Message Us" option with this account.

Time is ticking for people with this issue and multi-hour call center nonsense and bad results only to do it again.  If someone could proactively reach out that could address this or generate a ticket that might at least get the ball rolling.  If the actual site issues are resolved, that's great, but is there a timeline on that?  Such issues usually don't span weeks.

Remember, each day that goes by without resolution, almost certainly some people here are losing phone service and/or switching carriers, through no fault of their own, and no dissatisfaction with their phone service.

Any word on this being fixed? Still the same issue this morning. I have a post paid plan and I can log in w/o an issue. On my prepaid plan for my mom, I get the error message others have had.

Having the same problem.... have you got any ware with this yet??

No change today, however the screen prompting to verify the "primary account holder" now shows the number that is mine rather than the secondary on the account as the one to make the primary.  However I still get the error message "Service Unavailable. Uh-oh, it looks like we have our wires crossed. Please try again later." when I do enter the SSN digits.  Which is sensible considering TMO should not have my SSN at all to begin with since these are pre-paid accounts.  Which is good considering the data breach would have compromised it if you did.

Time is ticking on this issue.   At this point we either need these "T-Force" specialists to contact us proactively as we have no way to contact them, or we have to pay a visit to AT&T and switch.....we really don't have much other option here.  This forum is our only contact point.  I remind, we can not contact the "Team of Experts" as we can not log into access the direct communications.  And the generic call center support is *not* equipped to handle this type of issue.  They can handle phone problems or account specific problems, they are unable to help with, or even understand the nature of, a general website failure. 

We are relying 100% on you, the "community managers" to get us in touch with the right elements within TMobile to resolve this.   This is the absolute only avenue of TMoble support we have available to us, and if you are unable to assist, you are telling us, essentially, that no solution exists, and that we should switch to a new carrier by the end of our monthly service.

I'm including a mention to @tmo_phillip​ who is listed as the manager for the forums here to hopefully pull his involvement here.  You are truly well the last hope we have of remaining customers at this point due to this issue.   Weeks, days, or for some people it's already too late and their service has ended as a result of TMobile's account management failure for prepaid accounts, both through the website and for the app.

At this point we need either a timeline of the account management tools restoration, or assurances that we will be automatically renewed for free while the issue is investigated, or if individual account level corrections are needed we are going to need someone from the "community management" team to put us in contact with, someone who can assist, or to generate "tickets", however waiting on "tickets" is not tremendously helpful for the people who have hours or days left before their service runs out.

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I'm very sorry and quite surprised you haven't been able to get a ticket filed for this with our call center reps as I'm confident they have the tools needed to do this. Since we do not have the account access here, that's why I recommended our Team of Experts or our T-Force team. We'd need you to message our T-Force folks through the Facebook or Twitter links found on the Contact Us page that I posted before. They're only available through these social channels and I know they can help whether you have a prepaid or postpaid account. I understand not having a lot of time or waiting on hold so I'm sure our T-Force folks will give you a reply back as quickly as they can. You can even link them to this thread so they have everything they need to get a ticket filed. I'm sorry we don't have the access here to help get the ticket filed but I know our T-Force folks are more than capable of getting the ball rolling on getting this resolved.

Still having the same problem today. Neither the web nor app works.

For what it's worth, I'm having (and have been having) the exact same problem...


Here's how the same problem was resolved for me.

  1. I went to Twitter and sent DM to @TMobileHelp (because the support wait times were too long. Messaging on Twitter is NOT necessary to get response if you have enough patience to wait for your turn on customer support phone line)
  2. SarahEsmailka chatted with me via Twitter DMs and created a support ticket for me
  3. I called customer support. Requested a call back because the wait time was long.
  4. They called me back. I spoke with a representative. Gave him the support ticket number.
  5. I have TWO prepaid numbers that I used to manage with ONE login.
  6. Customer support asked me to separate (unlink) one of the two numbers from the login and then create a new, separate login for the unlinked number.
  7. Customer support actually helped me unlink and then create a new login. So I now have one separate login for each of the two numbers I have.
  8. PROBLEM SOLVED! I can now see all the regular options to manage my account, add funds etc.
  9. Christain at T Mobile Support was super helpful, competent and quick to help me out.

I have the same problem for weeks now. If you have multiple prepaid numbers in one account, you get this error.

If you just have one number under your account it seems to work.

Were you able to unlink your accounts yourself, or did they have to do something on their end?  I don't see a way to do it directly, but it's worth asking.

Do you still have contact with SarahEsmailka and the ability to direct her to this thread for help or advice for people that do not have Twitter accounts with which to contact her?  Or hopefully she may have the ability to contact us through this thread?  If you have any way to direct her attention here I'd much appreciate it!

(Posting this as a reply because for some reason mentions don't seem to link you.)

Now that we know the issue is related to accounts with multiple prepaid phone lines in the account, is this an issue that is actively being addressed and should be corrected before people have to create multiple accounts if they manage multiple phones, or is this expected to remain broken forever? 

I do appreciate your advice above, though the above user's post was a bit more informative.  Is T-Mobile aware that it's a little odd that your own support forums have people such as yourself that are unable to actually help customers staffing the actual T-Mobile forum, but you have actual support people who apparently don't interact with the official support forum at all and instead participate in Facebook and Twitter?  Or that we have to rely on users contacting other users to contact T-Mobile staff through non-T-Mobile websites for assistance on their behalf if users don't have accounts with those third party websites, while we're all on T-Moble's own website, yet the actual support staff aren't? It's fine that you and the staff in your area aren't capable of assisting, but they need to equip you with the tools to reach out to those who can rather than just posting links to Facebook and Twitter.

The customer support person did something at their end to unlink the second number from my existing account and also did something to create another login for the second number. It is NOT necessary to contact their Twitter account. Just call in to customer support (even if the wait times are long). I am not sure but I am making a logical guess here that creating separate NEW logins for each of your cell numbers, using a DIFFERENT email address for each (NOT using the one associated with your current login) should help you solve the problem WITHOUT having to contact the customer support. Worth trying I think. Hope this helps.

I only have one prepaid number.

i don’t have a twitter or facebook account and I’m not going through the hassle of creating an account on one of those platforms to get assistance to get this fixed. If T-Mobile doesn’t care enough to fix this and is ok with losing all my postpaid accounts along with my one prepaid account, that’s fine.

I have been trying to pay my account since 10/25 and  finally had to go to aTMobile store!  It is now 11/5 and I'm still getting "We are currently having trouble with your request.  Please wait...." and "Service F451 is not available"  Plus the Primary phone issue crap. Calling just puts you on hold forever.  I did finally get a message where TMobile called me back.  When the call came, it still said "All our agents are...."  AND they called me!!!  I have been receiving voice mails weeks ... weeks! after they were sent.  The service bars are continually low at home.  TMobile will not let me pay my bill via my online bank-pay (I won't let them automatically deduct) and now I cannot pay online on TMobile website.  TMobile is going to lose a long-term customer because this is just too bizarre. 

I am having the exact same problem for the past month or so. It's been quite troublesome to add fund to my prepaid account. Please help!