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I have the same problem for weeks now. If you have multiple prepaid numbers in one account, you get this error.

If you just have one number under your account it seems to work.

Were you able to unlink your accounts yourself, or did they have to do something on their end?  I don't see a way to do it directly, but it's worth asking.

Do you still have contact with SarahEsmailka and the ability to direct her to this thread for help or advice for people that do not have Twitter accounts with which to contact her?  Or hopefully she may have the ability to contact us through this thread?  If you have any way to direct her attention here I'd much appreciate it!

(Posting this as a reply because for some reason mentions don't seem to link you.)

Now that we know the issue is related to accounts with multiple prepaid phone lines in the account, is this an issue that is actively being addressed and should be corrected before people have to create multiple accounts if they manage multiple phones, or is this expected to remain broken forever? 

I do appreciate your advice above, though the above user's post was a bit more informative.  Is T-Mobile aware that it's a little odd that your own support forums have people such as yourself that are unable to actually help customers staffing the actual T-Mobile forum, but you have actual support people who apparently don't interact with the official support forum at all and instead participate in Facebook and Twitter?  Or that we have to rely on users contacting other users to contact T-Mobile staff through non-T-Mobile websites for assistance on their behalf if users don't have accounts with those third party websites, while we're all on T-Moble's own website, yet the actual support staff aren't? It's fine that you and the staff in your area aren't capable of assisting, but they need to equip you with the tools to reach out to those who can rather than just posting links to Facebook and Twitter.

The customer support person did something at their end to unlink the second number from my existing account and also did something to create another login for the second number. It is NOT necessary to contact their Twitter account. Just call in to customer support (even if the wait times are long). I am not sure but I am making a logical guess here that creating separate NEW logins for each of your cell numbers, using a DIFFERENT email address for each (NOT using the one associated with your current login) should help you solve the problem WITHOUT having to contact the customer support. Worth trying I think. Hope this helps.

I only have one prepaid number.

i don’t have a twitter or facebook account and I’m not going through the hassle of creating an account on one of those platforms to get assistance to get this fixed. If T-Mobile doesn’t care enough to fix this and is ok with losing all my postpaid accounts along with my one prepaid account, that’s fine.

I have been trying to pay my account since 10/25 and  finally had to go to aTMobile store!  It is now 11/5 and I'm still getting "We are currently having trouble with your request.  Please wait...." and "Service F451 is not available"  Plus the Primary phone issue crap. Calling just puts you on hold forever.  I did finally get a message where TMobile called me back.  When the call came, it still said "All our agents are...."  AND they called me!!!  I have been receiving voice mails weeks ... weeks! after they were sent.  The service bars are continually low at home.  TMobile will not let me pay my bill via my online bank-pay (I won't let them automatically deduct) and now I cannot pay online on TMobile website.  TMobile is going to lose a long-term customer because this is just too bizarre. 

I am having the exact same problem for the past month or so. It's been quite troublesome to add fund to my prepaid account. Please help!

I called support on this two weeks ago and they promised to have it fixed in 72 hours.  A week passed, I called again and it was still not resolved.  They did say it was a system wide issue and provided a ticket number.  I have 3 prepaid numbers so I may try to unlink them but if this is a change in procedure then I feel a text message should have been issued to those effected.

That works!  Thanks!

Thank you!!!

This worked (though the added funds aren't showing up on the account status page just yet, it did send me email confirmation, and the status page has always been slow to update.) 

I don't know how you managed to find it but you accomplished more than the entirety of T-Mobile support, who has also told me "72 hours", the magic lie to make callers go away for a few more days.

T-Mobile should be ashamed.  All they did was break a redirect and it's taking a month to resolve, if ever?!  When did T-Mobile become Sprint?  The point of buying Sprint was to finally put it out of its misery and harvest its remnants to build a stronger network, not to actually adopt their entire interface and support program!  This entire experience reminds me from top to bottom of my old Sprint days.  I thought T-Mobile was a superior company until now.

I'm glad I was able to add funds and get access again, and that will give T-Mobile another month to figure this out before I need to bail.  If it's not sorted out by then, it's safe to assume it never will be.

Considering the quality of this website, I'm starting to get a clear picture of how these data breaches keep happening.....

Yes, that worked for me.

Thank you

TMobile, it’s a shame that it’s taking an eternity to fix this issue

As soon as funds are used I’ll say goodbye to you


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Thank you!

I had the same issues in October. I contacted support to fix the issue. My account was shut off because I couldn't pay the bill online. Support said it'd be fixed in a few days. It is a month later. Fix your site! This is unacceptable from any business in today's times. I'm not sitting another few hours on hold again, and I'm not creating separate accounts to manage. If not, time for me to find another provider. I"m fed up. I don't have time for this crap.

Thanks you very much, It worked!!!

Thank you so much. It worked. Maybe they should put you in charge of T-Mobile support before everybody goes to another carrier.

Really helpful, thanks a lot!!  Hard to believe that T-Mobile need to a customer to find a workaround for a problem they haven't solved for weeks.

I have the same problem.

Calling T-mobile is useless -- there is no support at this company. They put you on hold for literally hours and then when you get through they cannot accomplish even basic functions???

I've always had issues with the online account, but now it is completely kaput and there is no support -- I guess there is little choice.

Short T-mobile stock because this one is going down.

I got the same problem almost a month now which made me sobored and tired. I contact the help team twice. First one was great, but the second one not what I expected. Such a shame. 😕 why do we have messag help team if they can’t really help?

Hi, Tried the link, unfortunately it did not work for me.  I contacted support again and they issued me another trouble ticket with elevated priority.  The rep told me to wait 72 hours either they will contact me if take longer or it will be fixed.

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I know our engineering teams are still working on this as the issue is still open in our system. I few of you folks have had some success with the workaround posted by another user. We appreciate you giving us feedback around this and I have sent this info up the chain to our internal team to review this for our internal content.

Hello Mike,

The workaround did not work for me.  I also tried using different browsers and clearing the cache with no success.

I spoke to Jane (Janelyn@T-Mobile) at T-Mobile support (she also gave me her ID#) on 11/12 and logged another trouble ticket with elevated priority.  Received a follow up text msg to allow 3 business days for teams to review, and that resolution can take longer depending on issue.

As of today I have not yet heard back, hopefully it will be resolved soon.  If you require any additional info, let me know.


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Thanks for trying that workaround anyway @magenta4497584 . I'm in touch with some internal folks involved with working on the issue. This may sound pretty simple, but if you just refresh the same page, does it work for you? I'm passing along the feedback I get from this thread so if you can let me know the results, that'll really help.

I tried refreshing and no change.  However, I decided to try the workaround one more time and it appears to work for now.  After getting the warning message when selecting one of the phone accounts I proceed to use the workaround link:  .  Although occasionally certain sections (e.g. My current plan, My current status) cannot be displayed I would have to refresh the page a few times before it finally displays.  It's a tedious process especially when I have to do this for each of the five accounts.  I hope this can be resolved soon.

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Okay, well thank you for trying. Engineers do know this is an issue and they are continuing to work on it. I wish I had more to update you on, but this is a known issue that our teams are continuing to work on to get fixed.