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  • 27 October 2018
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I was struggling with the same issue for the last couple of weeks.  Finally, during a long call with a technician, we found a possible lead.  For some reason the T-mobile system does not accept anymore more than one account per email.  The solution I found was going to my account profile and unlink each of my prepaid accounts and reenrolling them again using different email addresses.  After that each one of them works like a charm. 

Hope it helps!

omg, i had to reply that you are truly a magnificent human being!

thanks the unlinking and re-enrolling worked for me too.

I appreciate you responding, but it has been almost 2 months, that is sad!

I am having the same problem. Have a prepaid and postpaid accounts connected to my ID. Postpaid works fine, prepaid shows the error. I need to update the CC used to refill it, and I cannot do this. Tech support is clueless, asked me a bunch of stupid questions that are unrelated as this is a server error, and opened a ticket. Please fix this.

At least support was able to refill the account for me. I guess I'll have to bother them every time to refill it now until they fix the issue.

its funny that they have no clue, yet ask a million questions trying to understand and still fail to do so, really sad

Going to try this, hope it helps.

It is now 1/1/2019 and it is still not fixed!!!

As of 1/10/2019 this issue has NOT been fixed.  Wasted over an hour with incompetent customer service based in the Philippines without a resolution.

Ironically, T-Mobile's new ad marketing campaign touts faster and more reliable technical support. But the fine print says it only applies to "post-paid" accounts. It's obvious that TMobile is aware of the problem but chooses to ignore it, hoping that subscribers will migrate to a post-paid plan.