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  • 27 October 2018
  • 58 replies

I get this message for about 11 dys now after beeing able to log into my tmobile and chosing one of my two accounts. Tried different computers, browsers and cleared cookies and browsers. Can aybody help please?


Best answer by tmo_mike_c 17 November 2018, 00:07

Okay, well thank you for trying. Engineers do know this is an issue and they are continuing to work on it. I wish I had more to update you on, but this is a known issue that our teams are continuing to work on to get fixed.

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58 replies

I was struggling with the same issue for the last couple of weeks.  Finally, during a long call with a technician, we found a possible lead.  For some reason the T-mobile system does not accept anymore more than one account per email.  The solution I found was going to my account profile and unlink each of my prepaid accounts and reenrolling them again using different email addresses.  After that each one of them works like a charm. 

Hope it helps!

omg, i had to reply that you are truly a magnificent human being!

thanks the unlinking and re-enrolling worked for me too.

I appreciate you responding, but it has been almost 2 months, that is sad!

I am having the same problem. Have a prepaid and postpaid accounts connected to my ID. Postpaid works fine, prepaid shows the error. I need to update the CC used to refill it, and I cannot do this. Tech support is clueless, asked me a bunch of stupid questions that are unrelated as this is a server error, and opened a ticket. Please fix this.

At least support was able to refill the account for me. I guess I'll have to bother them every time to refill it now until they fix the issue.

its funny that they have no clue, yet ask a million questions trying to understand and still fail to do so, really sad

Going to try this, hope it helps.

It is now 1/1/2019 and it is still not fixed!!!

As of 1/10/2019 this issue has NOT been fixed.  Wasted over an hour with incompetent customer service based in the Philippines without a resolution.

Ironically, T-Mobile's new ad marketing campaign touts faster and more reliable technical support. But the fine print says it only applies to "post-paid" accounts. It's obvious that TMobile is aware of the problem but chooses to ignore it, hoping that subscribers will migrate to a post-paid plan.