Web site won't let me add a payment method

  • 15 September 2018
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I can't add a new credit card to my account when using the web site from a desktop computer with Firefox for Windows (v62.0).


After logging in, I select Profile, then click Edit next to Manage Payment Options.  I briefly see a Visa logo and Edit/Remove links for my current credit card,  however the page immediately refreshes and takes me back to the main account overview page.


So, from the overview page, I tried selecting the REFILL ACCOUNT button in the My Account Status section.  That takes me to a page with options to Fund Your Account.  There I clicked Use A Credit Card.  Same thing.  I briefly see a page with some credit card information and it immediately refreshes and takes me back to the account overview page.


Finally, I clicked on View/Edit for the Auto-Pay Settings on the account overview page.  Same thing... auto-refresh back to the beginning.


It seems that this is happening because I'm a pre-paid customer.


I'm at a loss to understand why they would prevent pre-paid users from managing their payment options online, forcing us to call Customer Service.


I tried starting a chat session from the web site, and the support rep said "sorry, I can't help you with pre-paid account, you'll have to call them."


What a waste of my time.  Very frustrating, to say the least.


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I'm not sure- I know a few people have been having issues with the site as of late.  You said you're using Firefox, did you try clearing the cache and cookies?  What about trying out a different browser?

I'm terribly sorry that you spent the time trying to reach out to messaging and they could not help.  You might want to look at reaching out T-Force via Facebook or Twitter (after you've cleared the cache/cookies and tested another browser) to see if there's something wrong with the website and if a ticket needs to be filed on your behalf. 

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Sorry you are having trouble with our site 😥 Did the suggestions from @magentatechie help at all?


Sure did NOT help. will NOT allow credit card payments. Clicking on "credit card" brings me back to the account summary screen, then takes 2 minutes or more to get back to the payment options screen. t-mobile account management web site is badly broken.

I've been on the phone now with T-Mobile Cust Service about 25 mins, agent got the CC card no. wrong twice, got my account no. wrong 3 times, got my address wrong 3 times, got my CC card CVN no. wrong twice.

CC payment won't go through, got my address wrong again? Yes. Fourth time to explain how to spell the city.

31 minutes to finally get my payment posted. This would have taken about 90 seconds if your web site were working.

Please keep in mind that I'm your customer, not your employee. Show me proper respect by NOT wasting my time and show me the proper value you are adding by servicing my mobile communications needs.

I switched to Chrome, and everything worked.  Sigh. 

Thanks magentatechie for the tip to try another browser... should have thought of that, like "when in doubt, reboot."

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I am so sorry you had to go through so much trouble just to post your payment @traveler12  😥  Did you also try another browser as suggested by @magentatechie​ It looks like it worked for @geezer6174957

18 months later and they STILL haven't fixed this bug.

I had exactly the same problem.  But using Chrome worked for me.


Trying to give T-Mobile money is incredibly difficult. Their online payment system seldom works, their phone payment system seldom works. It often takes me an hour or more just to get a payment to T-Mobile every single month. It’s become the joke in our family. No other company on this planet has so much difficulty with their payment systems. It’s mind-boggling! How can every other major company on our planet get a payment system to work and T-Mobile can't figure it out? And what’s even more crazy? If you Google it, T-Mobile users (and not just an errant few) have been complaining about this very same thing for YEARS! How crazy is that?

Yup, it’s not you.  It’s not your web browser.  It’s not your computer.  


I myself have tried on Firefox, Safari & Chrome and on 2 different computers.  I’ve also tried adding a payment in the T-Mobile app. 


The Continue button basically does nothing.  Pretty common for most things on the T-Mobile site to just not work.

I was unable to add payment in August 2020 called and paid my bill online and was promised the website would be fixed the next month, wasted one hour.

September 2020 able to add payment and pay bill no problem.

October 2020 back to the S.O.S. I am going to leave you T-Mobile. I have been a customer for so long not only did you sandbag me this billing cycle with equipment charges several months worth for my daughters upgraded phone, but what really makes this experience awful, is that I am unable to pay my bill again online because I cannot add payment, again. In fact the payment I added last month and saved is now gone. Why are you torturing your customers? I understand we are in a pandemic but I see commercials every hour saying you are the best when I have lost faith in your product. I am at my wits end this is day two trying to resolve this. Please fix this.

Same issue here.


Go to Support → May a Payment


It should take you to this URL:


That helped me. I still can’t set up auto pay though.

I ran into the same problem. I loaded the desktop version with Chrome and seemed to have some luck. It Charged my credit card but it's not refreshing on the account page on T-Mobile yet. 🤷🏼

It's as T-Mobile doesn't care about their customers was so much easier with Sprint no problems. If they want me to stay hope they fix this problem. Can't use my credit card. Terrible