Webguard is blocking websites, I don’t have webguard

  • 23 April 2021
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When I on cellular, I randomly get blocked by webguard from websites like or I have never had webguard on my account. I called into support and they “allegedly” fixed this issue, but now it’s back again. How can I make webguard permanently go away? It’s really infuriating to have to call into support all the time to get this issue fixed . 
(iPhone 12 Pro 14.4.2, I am the account admin) 

I’ve already tried all the basic stuff: reset network connections, hard reset, restarting, wipe and fresh install absolutely nothing resolves this problem.

Never had or used webguard but yet it keeps blocking me from basic sites. 

7 replies

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if it is actually webguard then it resetting the device wouldnt do anything since it would be on your account side and not actual device side of things..are you able to go into your account and see if its active on your account for some reason in there? any other devices on your account and if so are they running into the same thing or no?


I am the administrator of the account. Webguard  is not on the account and has never been on the account. No other devices on the account have this issue. 

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what all other devices are there on the account?


IPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12.

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What browser are you using? I had something similar after Firefox upgraded and I was getting webguard errors that I thought was from Tmobile but it was actually from Firefox. Changed the settings in the browser and all was fixed.

I just started having the same issues today on my Home Internet line, specifically with

611 knew nothing about this issue, and verified I do not (nor have I ever) have Web Guard enabled on any of my lines.


The only thing T-Mobile does it a network reset of your phone, but it’s only a short term fix.


The problem keeps coming back. Issue happens regardless of browser used. Wish there was a permanent solution rather than making small talk with CS, them figuring out they can’t fix it and finally getting transferred to engineering to do a network reset. No one in CS has ever been able to explain why Webguard blocks stuff on my account when I’ve never had it and never used it.