Website for Customer Service Terrible?

  • 17 September 2019
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  • 148 views website must have been made by idiots. Every month, it's a wrestle-fight to pay my pre-paid account. There is a webpage that gives options for paying my pre-paid account: refill online, refill by phone, and purchase refill cards. I select "refill online" because....I am here to refill my account, and....yes, it is actually online. Then it takes me to some page where there's discussion about "vouchers"??? What the hell is a voucher, and why wasn't vouchers referred to on the previous page?? I never would have selected it then, if it told me about these vouchers. I have no vouchers.

Then I log in with my phone # and password, for "My T-Mobile", and then select "Pay My Bill". It takes me to another page, where....I have to input my phone # and password again??? Is this a scam?? Why put it in twice?? I can already see above that I am already logged in.

But I have to go to work, and my phone isn't working, because I need to refill my pre-paid account, so I log in AGAIN, and I get this "Sorry, but we are currently experiencing problems with our server. Please try again later."!!!!

It's 7:30 in the morning, and your website is just trash........I tried to use that little "Message us on My T-Mobile" button at the bottom right, but when I selected that, it takes me back to that damn log in screen. Like I guess I need to log in THREE TIMES NOW - and even if I tried, it just gives me that stupid "Sorry, but we are currently experiencing problems with our server. Please try again later." message again.

On your front page, it says "We don't want paying your T-Mobile bill to be a pain. Learn about all the easy options we offer for bill payment". But with the way your website is, this is obviously you just spitting in the faces of your customer base, because I have never seen a customer service website that is close to being as much of a pain, as yours is....


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website sucks! I’ve been trying in different browser but the issue can’t disappear! T-Mobile agreed? 

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Just checking to see if you still needed help with this. Please let me know.

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Oh man! You are definitely being thrown through the ringer here 😥 I just checked our current system issues and I am not seeing anything that would be causing this. I know you said this happens every month and I wonder if by some weird chance you are trying to pay your bill at the same time as one of our maintenance schedules. If you try to pay your bill later in the day or the next day are you able to do it successfully?