Website Ordering Issues

I ordered a S22 Ultra on March 13th online after my local store informed me that there were no devices in my metro area and they told me to go to the website to buy one. I placed my order and got the message that it would ship by March 24th. On April 5th I contacted customer service through the app chat and the rep says that device is on backorder and I should check back in a few weeks. I think that is odd because when I look at the sales page it says it is in stock. After waiting I contacted customer service on April 30th and they informed me my order was never processed. Which is odd because I have been getting emails asking me to rate my device on the website. The rep tells me order again online and she will see if it goes through. But now I am being required to pay $900+ down for my upgrade and not $0 down. So the agent tries to place it for me and she tells me I need to pay $700+ today. I couldn’t believe it. So finally I ask my rep if it is possible it not allowing us to place the order as $0 down because I already have an order in the system. She said it is possible but my order was never processed. But I explain that I still have an order number and I am getting notifications to my email about giving feedback on the device. She tells me to cancel the order, which it will not let me to do on my end. So she reaches out to the order team to manaully cancel it. After an hour on the phone and 2 hours dealing with this issue she told me to check in 3 days if the order was canceled and to go to the store and buy a phone. So basically back to where I started. 

TL;DR: T-Mobile’s website, ordering system, and customer service training sucks and I will probably no longer be a customer in 7 days. 

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since the pandemic every store is doing the same thing. dont know when things will go back to normal.

The store being out of stock was not a suprise, but having my online order not processed but also not canceled is the bigger issue. If it was back ordered then fine, but this is just crappy ordering systems. 

My other post was flagged. It’s been 3 days and my “not processed” order is still on my account and I cannot upgrade my device without an $800 down payment. I going to Verizon tomorrow. Thanks for nothing T-Mobile.