Website redirecting so can't update payment option?

  • 2 February 2018
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I've been trying to update my credit card for several days but the website keeps redirecting me back to my main account page.  Is anyone else having this issue?

I am on auto-pay and my card expires next month.  I called in and the rep told me I would need to turn auto-pay off because I couldn't make changes to my account with autopay.  Huh?  Messaging from the tmobile site is still down.

Is anyone having this same problem or know how to fix?


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Keeping your account information up to date is super important, good thing you are planning ahead!

I would clear the cache, cookies and browsing data on your computer. Have you tried the T-Mobile application or from a different computer? 

Thanks for the reply 😊

I did to all the clearing the cache thing and using a different browser/ different computer.  it seems to be a glitch with the tmobile website because it's actually redirecting to the prior page, not crashing or buffering like you'd see with an issue on my side.

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Hi, @chimagenta4​! It sounds like you gave it your best shot as far as website troubleshooting! I took a look at outage communications from a few days ago and I didn't see any widespread issues reported with the website from this past week. Are you still having trouble with this, or were you able to get everything taken care of?

I am still having the same issue.  It's very strange.  You can see a screenshot below.  It's just redirecting and not letting me update my info.  As I mentioned, I tried calling in but it doesn't make sense that I would have to un-enroll from autopay to make changes.

Can you help?

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Well, I'm glad that the tab title is polite, but it's definitely still wonky, whether or not it says "please". 😥

Have you had a chance to try to update AutoPay from the T-Mobile app? Here are the steps:

  1. Open the app. If you don't have it, download it now.
  2. Select Menu > BILLING & PAYMENTS.
  3. Select AutoPay.
  4. If prompted, sign in with your T-Mobile ID and password.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Select a payment method and enter the payment method information, and then select Continue.
  7. Select AGREE & SUBMIT.

If the app isn't an option, can you take a look at the steps for MyT-Mobile here and let me know where it's pulling the redirect on you: Manage automatic payments -- is it when you select ON, or after you select Edit AutoPay Settings, or is it after you agree to the Terms?


The app isn't an option.

Regarding the steps you sent, It happens when I click to edit AutoPay settings.  As soon as I click view/edit, it briefly goes to that page, and then immediately redirects before I can click to update my card.I cannot get past this page.

I have also tried to access through the "Profile page by clicking on "Manage payment options" and the same thing happens.  Of note, I can perform basic tasks on this page like changing privacy/notifications and updating preferences, but anything "secure" get's redirected to the main account page.

As mentioned before, I have changed browsers, cleared cache and all the usual fixes.   If you provide a secure email, I can send a video of the screen actions if that would help.  Glancing through some of the other topics about problems changing the payment card, it seems like this a recurring issue but let me know. Thanks so much!!

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Thanks so much for your patience -- this took some digging! First, I want to apologize: the steps that we've been sharing or attempting to direct you through are the steps to update AutoPay on a postpaid account. It seems that with a Pay In Advance account, the steps should be similar, but to be entirely up front I can't track down anything that doesn't support the advice you were given to turn AutoPay/AutoRefill off and then back on again in order to edit. While it's not listed as a known issue or limitation, I wanted to check and ask -- what happens if you try to turn it off and then turn it on? Are you able at that point to add new information or a new payment method?

If that does the trick, then we can definitely reach out and ask to get that process added to our content and called out more clearly, because we want our customers to be able to walk through this easily. FWIW, we've already reached out and asked if a step-by-step can be added here: Refill your Pay in Advance (Prepaid) account​. If off > on > edit *still* doesn't work, then this is an issue we'd need to have a ticket filed for so that our web teams can take a look. An internal team can complete that sort of ticket -- including our T-Force team on Twitter or Facebook, so if working with a team online to get that filed is best for you, then they'll be able to assist!

I did also want to ask -- I know you mentioned that the app isn't an option, does that mean that the T-Mobile Refill app is out, too? 😥 Last but not least, (and this is again trying to address the issue at hand, I know it doesn't solve the problem in the long term) have you tried calling in over the refill line -- *ADD or *233 -- to see if the automated system offers any update options?


When I click to edit AutoPay settings (turn on/off)., as soon as I click view/edit, it briefly goes to that page, and then immediately redirects before I can click to update my card. I cannot get past this page so I cannot turn the AutoPay setting on or off from my end.

I just tried your idea of trying to edit from the refill line (*233) and it only offers the option to refill, not change/update  the payment card. It does offer the option to turn off the auto pay but I'm afraid to do that in case I can't restart it.  Based upon what's happening, i don't have the confidence that I can manage my settings and I can't risk losing my service as this is my only phone.

I have been dealing with this for a while and would like to get it resolved. What is the process for submitting a ticket?  Do you forward everything we've done to date and submit it or do I do that from my end and start with someone new?

Thanks so much for all your effort!!

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Darn it! I was really hoping we could at least get the information updated for you before you had to walk through these steps. I understand your hesitance, though. An internal team with secure account verification will need to file the ticket, so we'll want you to Community-2153​ to report the issue. I'm not able to pass along the thread, *but* if Twitter or Facebook are options for you, you could work with our T-Force team and send them a link! They're online support with a secure platform to snag your phone number and PIN safely, so they can both review this thread *and* file the ticket for you. You can reach them through Facebook Message or DM in Twitter, just click on the corresponding icon in my badge below this post.

It does look like we've had two more users report the issue this morning, so our team is forwarding this thread and theirs along to see if there's an outage that needs to be investigated. However, since we can't pull account details here, getting a ticket filed would definitely help our engineering team recreate the issue! If you do wind up walking through this today, we'd love the ticket number if you're able to share it, so we can pass that along. Thank you! 😊

OK -  I have contacted them through twitter and sent them the link to this thread.

Thanks again for your efforts on this!  Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.

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Thank you for doing that! 😀 On our end, we reached out to our Content team to ask about getting some more detailed steps for this process in our Support documentation, and also I noticed that over my "weekend" we've had new threads and posts on older threads reporting an issue similar to yours -- auto refill or refill by credit card doesn't work​, and Up Date My Credit Card? -- so I'll be reaching out to those users to encourage them to file tickets as well, and working on determining where we can pass these up to bring awareness in case this is an emerging issue. Thanks so much for staying so engaged here! Hopefully we can not only get this figured out, but have a better process and more info to help users troubleshoot going forward. <3

Ive been having this exact same issue for months, its ridiculous.  Ive used different browsers and different computers. Always the same, everytime I click the refill button it goes to the payment screen and then redirects.

And its a 100% website issue.

Same here.  The site just redirects and I cannot change anything regarding payments.  It's a T-Mo website issue.  Nearly a year after this thread was started and still no answers or fix.


This problem continues almost one year and a half after the original post. Has there been any progress made into resolving the issue? As of August 6th 2019 I am also unable to update any credit card details on the my tmobile webpage under Profile>Billing&Payments>Autopay.  Tmobile please provide support with this issue.

Thank you!

I've been having the same issue - unable to update my credit card info for autopay. When I click on the autopay on the Balance tile, the web page shows spinning magenta circle. Same goes on if I click on payment arrangements or on autopay under Billing and payments