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  • 30 March 2022
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I have had cellular service since August 2021 with home internet since September. In October I began experiencing issues to my service and after 3 warranty exchanges it was told to me that the 3 towers that I got service from were in disrepair, which was the source of my issue. 

“Great!!! How long before the towers are repaired???” I ask. I was informed that 2 towers were padlocked by the owners and they were in litigation to get access, and 1 was waiting on parts. Fast forward to today and the home internet rep told me that he doesn't know when I will get reliable service, with the cellular tech support rep telling me the same thing. 

I work from home and not having reliable internet service is for the birds. Have you ever had a zoom meeting with someone that has shoddy service??? I have had important phone calls missed because I cant use my phone that day. And if you need to log onto your banking apps, you had best have a working phone.

After 6 months of fighting I decided to leave and find a carrier with more reliable service and while I am not under contract with my home internet, I am with my cellular plan. T-Mobile is unable to offer me the service they contracted me, so doesn't that break the contract? If I have not had reliable service, but have been paying T-Mobile, shouldn't I be able to apply that amount to my equipment charges? It’s bad business to not be able to consistently offer service, but them penalize the customer. How do I get resolution for this issue, outside of leaving T-Mobile high and dry wand go to another carrier?

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