What are the taxes and fees for a prepaid plan?

  • 5 January 2016
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For 2015 I was billed $45 per month for my prepaid plan. On 1/4/2016 I was billed $49.17. Is the additional $4.17 for taxes and fees that started in 2016?

6 replies

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what is the tax percentage in the state you live in?

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4.17 is somewhere between 9.26% and 9.27% of the $45.  That sounds like a weird tax percentage, but could hypothetically be "this tax here and an additional fee of some amount" as well.

There could have been some tax changes that were instituted in 2016 in the OP's area.  That's the closest thing I can think of.

I'd suggest contacting T-Force on Social Media to figure out what the deal is - Community-2153‌.

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In Hawaii they are trying to pass a tax law that double dips. A $1 charge to purchase and card type thing like prepaid cards and gift cards. The person who uses it also gets a 1 time fee of $1. People of Hawaii been fighting that one for years.

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Individual prepaid plans (at least the last time I checked) do not have taxes and fees. Prepaid family plans and all postpaid plans have taxes and fees.

Taxes can be imposed at the federal, state, local, special district, and other levels. T-Mobile will never give you a straight answer about tax assessments (believe me, I’ve tried). If you really want to know exactly how all the taxes are being assessed, you will have to do a fair amount of your own research.

You get get a rough estimate of the taxes in your state at the following site:


I have the $30 plan myself which I activated directly on tmobiles website.  I have been setup for autopay since day 1 and have been getting charged like $32.61 a month.  Which is like 8.7% even though the local city tax rate is 7.5%.

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thundertiger wrote:

Which is like 8.7% even though the local city tax rate is 7.5%.

See my post above - It's not a single tax rate. Taxes are imposed at multiple levels. When you say "city tax rate", you probably mean sales tax, which does not apply.