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  • 11 February 2021
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So, I broke my phone and since had to file a claim get a new one. Tuesday, before my claim was accepted, i talked to an expert about upgrading my phone. On Tuesday my phone was working enough for me to talk to said expert and she said she was going to call me Thursday (today) but since then i havent been able to use it. So when she calls today i wont be able to answer. My new phone should be here Saturday so Saturday i will be able to call to upgrade. Im just trying to figure out how to tell her that i wont be getting my new device until Saturday so that she can call me Saturday so I can upgrade to an iPhone.

2 replies

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you can try contacting TMO via Facebook or Twitter and see if they can add the note to your account perhaps

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Someone calling you back should leave a voicemail.  You can always mention that when you have your new device on Saturday to return their call.