What happens if I cancel a payment arrangement but I create a new one?

  • 26 May 2017
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What does it mean by.... "You will need to return before the selected installment date and choose a payment method"? 

I got that after I cancelled my payment arrangement.

I plan on making a new on online, will that affect anything negatively?


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TMobile promised me a $250.00 sign on bonus when I transferred from AT&T to TMOBILE but they never sent me the credit card for me to payoff the device I purchased from AT&T TMOBILE said it was because they couldn't locate the representative who signed me up with TMobile. I thought that an agreement was supposed to be a agreement. T Mobile gave me many excuses and reasons none of which honored the agreement we made last April 2021

This is, of course, not at all correct.

If you want to add a line, feature, etc... and have an arrangement set up, you will not be allowed to.  However, if you call T-mobile they will be more than happy to unlock a phone you purchased through them and paid off over a year ago, for instance, if you bring your bill current and satisfy the arrangement early.

So they CAN, and WILL change your arrangement if it benefits them.

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Hi, @nexium7​, thank you for posting. When you Set up a payment arrangement​, there's not a way to change or delete the arrangement's dates, although you may be able to alter a payment method. The message you're seeing is a reminder that you'd need to return to the account and make a payment for the balance originally selected by whatever payment method you prefer. Have you been able to set up an arrangement with a new payment method online?

- Marissa