What happens if I don't return my device through JUMP!

  • 18 October 2021
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I Just ordered the new Iphone 13 with the jump benefit, It says to turn in my old phone by NOV 17. But turns out the phone  is on “backorder” and the estimated shipping date is between NOV 17 to DEC 8.   What would happen if I don't ship my old phone by the date they've told me? 

Would I be charged a fine? or Would I be charged the remaining value of my old phone?



The reason I ask is because I wouldn't want to stay with out a phone if it was to arrive after NOV 17.


1 reply

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 The trade-in date shouldn’t reduce the time you have to return it. They expire based on the ship dates. I think you should be fine with the trade-in once your device actually ships to you.