What is the difference between Jump, Jump 1.0, Jump 2.0, Jump Upgrades, and Jump on Demand?

  • 12 July 2021
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I am trying to figure out what the difference is in this and how do I find out which one I have? 

Does the device have to be paid off to upgrade or can I upgrade even though I still owe - how does this work? 

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3 replies

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Thanks for the question. Here’s my breakdown of the JUMP features. Hope this helps!

JUMP, JUMP 1.0- were different versions of the Just Upgrade My Phone program that gave you a way to purchase another device. This program has changed and those versions are no longer available. 

JUMP 2.0 has been included in the Protection 360 and Device Protection program and we have a info about what it is and the benefits on that link.

JOD or JUMP on Demand is a leasing option that let us upgrade your phone without having to buy the device. 

The JUMP upgrade is just the device you choose using the JUMP program. I’d read over the info about each option carefully so you can understand the difference and see which option is best for you.


Thank you, Mike. One thing I am not clear on - my phone is paid off. Can I still use Jump when I am ready to get a new one? I have Jump 2.0 along with protection 360 and device protection.

Jump 2.0 is worthless, you cannot use it but you pay extra for it. I have an LG V60 which was put on the chopping block. I cannot jump to a new phone anymore and get a deal unless I add a line and upgrade to magenta max. T-mobile sucks!