What is zero down for all even mean?

I have a prepaid phone that I made all 12 of my payments on time so I could receive the zero down for all offer. I went to t mobile this morning for them to tell me I needed all but $500 dollars down for a phone to walk out the door. I did my 12.months of on time payments so please someone tell me how that is little to nothing down for their zero down for all special???


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Hmm, I am not able to view the account from here. I would suggest reaching out to our T-Force team, because it sounds like there may have been a hiccup somewhere in the process. If you can, please Contact Us

I would specifically suggest our T-Force team, they can be found on social media! 😊


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You would want to call in and look to do the conversion! 😊 So long as you qualify, our phone representatives should be able to get your account converted for 0 down eligibility on qualifying devices!


I was told this morning the conversion would cost me nothing. But what I don't understand is how is it zero down or low cost for a phone if I did my 12 months when they told me I needed 40% down on the phone plus the 60$ down plus taxes which was another 40$. I don't understandhow that is your best upfront deal on a smartphone if I did my 12 month for the zero down for all

This offer is called Smartphone Equality what in principle means you can have a Standard Postpaid Simple Choice plan after having 12 months of service and on time payments on a Simple Choice No Credit Check plan (unknown whether a prepaid is eligible for this offer). A Prepaid Plan is not eligible for EIP, you must switch to a Standard Postpaid Simple Choice plan in order to use EIP (zero down on most, but not all, phones).

Go to a T-Mobile Store, tell them you want to take advantage of the Smartphone Equality offer and switch to a standard postpaid account. They can only do this at the store, by the store clerk putting a request through their own support lines. You must be eligible for the offer and it is unclear whether the offer applies to Prepaid and SCNC or just SCNC.

Check out my "highly relevant" experience below:


This is what my account says. I wanted to switch to a post paid account but not if I have to pay $500 for a phone when your add states I wouldn't have to when I switch over

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Once you are converted, there should be some devices you are eligible for $0.00 down on! It won't be our high end devices like Galaxy and iPhone, but there should be options available once the conversion completes. 😊


As @tmo_lauren‌ stated, you need to convert to a Standard Postpaid account in order to see what payment options you have on new phones. I did my conversion and now I can see $0 down option on all of the newer phones on the website (you'd have it at the store as well) but before the conversion you are seeing your payment options based on your current service level.

Once again, I am not sure if Prepaids are eligible to be converted to Standard Postpaid (without a credit check) but there is only one way to find out. I guess you can always convert to postpaid by letting them check your credit but that beats the entire purpose of this offer 😊

I started the conversation process this morning. It was $0 down to convert. That wasn't my issue. The vender told me that I quality for the zero down on the conversation but in order for me to get any type of discount on a phone without have to pay out the rear on a down payment I would need to have a post pay account paid on time for 12 months. None if this makes any sense what so ever because all of these fine little details that they leave out are not stated in the ad. The ad again states if I made 12 months of on time.payments I was eligible for zero down and little to nothing on the newest smart phones. All of this had been one big joke!!!

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I would talk to T-Force.

When you converted your plan it now has a new account number so your old plan

won't count towards the 12 months is my guess.

T-Mobile Support

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We don't typically do $0.00 down on the newest smartphones for anyone, even those with 12 months qualified on a post paid. You will likely be eligible for $0.00 down on other devices once the conversion is complete, but it will likely be on older devices.


Then yous need to change your ads. And specify exactly what your costumer should expect and what they will be offered

The program, called "Smartphone Equality," goes into effect Jan. 25 and applies to every prepaid or postpaid customer with a voice plan, regardless of their plan--or their credit history. If an existing customer has made 12 consecutive, on-time monthly payments they automatically qualify for the benefits: the carrier's best device pricing and financing, including $0 down on the newest smartphones with no interest and no credit check........That is from your add. Newest smartphones. .....0$ down!!! That is 100% false advertisement. All of this is bologna. And when I was there this morning this ad states no credit check. I was given one of those too!!!! Not happy with t mobile what so ever.

With a standard postpaid simple choice account, (active for 2 months only, converted from simple choice no credit check) I have $0 down on all of the high end phones except Galaxy S7 edge, which is only $60 down + tax.

This, again, comes back to the question of whether Prepaids can be converted to Standard Postpaid using Smartphone Equality offer or not.

The only plan that can use EIP is Standard Postpaid Simple Choice. You MUST have this plan in order to do EIP, which apparently has $0 down offer on most every phone sold by T-Mobile.

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I can definitely get that passed along and looked into.

After doing some more research on the device costs at the moment, some of the newer devices are $0.00 if qualified. You will need to have the conversion completed to know what your costs will be, and they will appear different before conversion as opposed to after, which I think is likely accounting for the discrepancies. That said, not all devices will be $0.00 down, but per the terms there should be qualifying options! 😊 One more thing to keep in mind on $0.00 down, there will still be tax owed on any device!


Yes I was told this morning at the store I did qualify for the zero down for all when converting my phone from prepaid to post paid. I didn't qualify for what the rest of what the ad states though. That is what my problem is. How can I qualify for only half of it. I have a screen shot of what my account says I am eligible for at the beginning of this post. None of this "Smartphone Equality " is making any sense to me.

I understand that too. What they told me at first was I was to pay 60$ for the phone and then 40$ in taxes which was great! But then my credit score got ran and my 12 months of on time payments was completely ignored

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The conversion is always $0.00 cost, and with it, you will qualify for $0.00 devices. The cost of the devices will only accurately show after the conversion is completed, so you will need to convert to know what you are eligible for down payment wise.


But then my credit score got ran...


Mr. Legere said "12 Months of relationship history is better than a credit score"!

Go back to the store and demand to be converted to Standard Postpaid WITHOUT A CREDIT CHECK, USING THE SMARTPHONE EQUALITY OFFER.

What good is this offer if you had to do a credit check to use it? This is an offer to replace credit check with a relationship history.

I was given the prices after the conversion! What is not being understood? My bill after the conversion was over 500$. He had called t mobile support to verify it bcuz it didn't seem.right to him. They ran my credit. It also didn't help with the fact there were 3 employees working there and the man that was helping me was on the phone with t mobile and helping another costumer at the same time while the other 2 employees did nothing!

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Hmm, I am not able to view the account from here. I would suggest reaching out to our T-Force team, because it sounds like there may have been a hiccup somewhere in the process. If you can, please Contact Us

I would specifically suggest our T-Force team, they can be found on social media! 😊


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