what to do if my iphone is lost in shipment


I ordered an iphone 13 upgrade on 4/28.  UPS tracking # provided, but says “label not yet created” and no shipment date after 2-weeks.  T-mobile site says order is processing.  T-mobile indicated shipment was expected between 4/28 and 5/2.  How can I find out where this is or how long until it will be received?


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If the T-Mobile site says the order is still in the processing stage.  It has not shipped yet.  It will state it has been shipped once it ships.  


T-Mobile shipped my iPhone to the wrong address thankfully I caught it before it was delivered, but…after ordering ANOTHER iPhone 13 Pro Max they are trying to charge me 600 dollars because the 1 they sent to the wrong address hasn’t shown in their warehouse. I hope this does not happen to you.