When is the Android 10 update for Galaxy Tab S6 coming out?

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This update was promise to us in April but April has long passed and no update. There are reports that Verizon customers have the update for the Galaxy Tab S6, but why not T-Mobile customers?


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I haven't seen any info about this one coming down the line, but we'll update our content if that changes.

Yes, every other version of the tab s6 has the update already and we like alway are left behind! What is going on T-Mobile????!

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So for that last 3 month people all over the United States have been getting there android 10 update on the Tab s6.

currently the Verizon model and the WiFi models have the android 10 update. They rolled out the updates about a month ago.

I called Samsung support and they said the problem is on T-mobiles side, because is T-mobile who has to roll out the security update.

Everyday i check for the update, and everyday i regret not getting mine from Verizon.

This is not the first time T-mobile is late to updates either, really disappointed here.

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Yeah this is straight up BS. I called too and they said they have no info on it. I promise if they decide to completely neglect this update I am switching carriers. 


Tmobile is so much better than this. I also check every day. And every day I am let down 

Apparently they're not much better than this. I bought into Tmobile when they were the uncarrier. Can't imagine with Sprint this is going to get better. Ive already been thinking about taking my $300 a month bill out of Tmobile. This kind of after sales support might be the final straw.

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I also have a $200 monthly bill and have been thinking about leaving T-Mobile. We still do not have the tab s6 Android 10 update.  Let me tell you! This is nothing new to me. T-Mobile was taking forever to give use the updates for the OnePlus 7 pro.


Now we got the tab s7 coming out and it's gonna have a bigger display with 120hz, how much you wanna bet we still won't have Android 10 by then or get a trade in deal for the new tablet.

I also purchased the Samsung Tab S6 from T mobile. I'm pissed that it's been 3 months and still no Android 10 update the Verizon and unlocked versions have had the update for months. I will never buy another tablet from T mobile. Straight BS on Tmobile's end.. 

This is really ridiculous T-Mobile. Every other US user has the update. I'm prepared to switch carriers and take my four lines with me. 

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I  hate the fact that a T-Mobile representative isn’t even acknowledging this. 

T-Mobile, take us seriously.
You are failing us on security by not updating the Tab S6.
You are failing us on product features that everyone else in the world with a Tab S6 has, but not us.

The last update was from February 2020.
We are missing:
and we are about to be missing July if this keeps up

Notice each of those months have “CRITICAL” security updates.
I feel we(the customers that bought the Tab S6) should all complain about the security and return our devices if they refuse to even answer us about it as they have for 4 months now regarding security updates and 2 months concerning Android 10.

A once dedicated, loyal and word of mouth customer with 9 lines, 4 phones, 2 tablets, 3 watches….
We take our family’s security seriously and if T-Mobile does not want to honor their word about our security then we might as well take our 300 dollar bill elsewhere too.

T-Mobile, having 100s of customers asking about this on your community, twitter, facebook and customer service isnt enough to get to work? or at least answer us with a proper timeline on when it will be finished and released?

-an unhappy customer with insecure devices on the uncarrier network :(

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Mike Delia you are freaking awesome.  


Please repost this a million times


TMobile you are dropping the freaking ball. And this will snowball. 

I just noticed they updated the LG Stylo 5 to Android 10, who bought that phone.. Lol T mobile stop disrespecting us the Tab S6 is more deserving of an update than that phone.. 

6/20/2020, still no Android 10 update for tab s6, digging further I find that TMobile has done this multiple times in the past, not releasing updates. Seriously I have 4 lines with TMobile , this was my first time ever buying a LTE tablet, if you don't update to Android 10 I will consider leaving , Android 10 has significant features that I need to use. 

I agree I may just go unlocked versions from now on. I had no problem paying T mobile 749 for a tablet to get no update when it's available is straight bs!!! 

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Hey guys saw this


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I woke up today and had all the updates ready to install!!!!

Thank you TMobile, it took a while but we go it.


Wow, we spoke up and T-Mobile listened, truly impressed! Thank you!