where is the online chat support on the full website

  • 16 March 2021
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all your agents tell me to go to chat on the full website to get my transcripts. where is the chat optioun

5 replies

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There use to be a tab on the bottom right when chat was available if you were signed into your mytmobile account.

It is driving me crazy as that tab and/or button isn’t on the website anymore. Any suggestions? T mobile used to be so good at this.

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if calling in isnt an option then you can try to contact them either through Facebook or Twitter

Been having problems with my phone. Calls can be made but no one can hear me. I've tried everything. Support told me that they would note it down and call me. I reminded them that they can't call but can email or text me. I'm still waiting....

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read my post right in front of yours.