Where's my HULU

  • 16 September 2021
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I was a former Sprint user and with the merger just recently I was able to switch over to T Mobile.  I had free HULU with Sprint. Is that not a thing with T Mobile. Do they offer any free streaming?  I’m really disappointed.


9 replies

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Tmobile has free Netflix with certain plans.

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I already have Netflix.  I want Hulu back.  

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I already have Netflix.  I want Hulu back.  

You can get the credit for Netflix then resubsribe to Hulu.

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Thanks for your help 


Same here.  Now I have to pay for Tidal and Hulu.  Speaking with inept rep is useless so I am taking another route.  If T-Mobile as a corporation wants to defraud people, it should not do it so openly.


Ask the chats, call, email, write and ask about this Master INC ticket:


hat ID: -6151808963457120086

DATE/TIME: 2022-04-13 18:22:15


You: Status of TIDAL known issue (master ticket INC37431580

Sprint: Hello! Thank you for choosing Sprint, which is now T-Mobile. I'm Sprint's virtual assistant. I can help you with a variety of topics, or get you to a live agent for additional assistance.

How may I help you today?

Sprint: Do you want to add a new optional servicereview your current optional services, or just learn about the optional services offered?

You: - Selected option: Review my current services

Sprint: Great! Here are the optional services used by this device.

Which service would you like to learn more about?

You: - Selected option: I need help with something else

Sprint: What else can I help you with? You can also type live agent for additional questions.

Don't forget - you can help us improve the chat experience by completing a survey after closing this chat.

You: TIDAL known issue (master ticket INC37431580

Sprint: Hey - we just finished chatting about optional service info. Would you like to chat about this with me again?

By selecting no, you can chat with a live agent for additional assistance.

You: - No

Sprint: In that case, a live agent will be able to help you with your request.

Sprint: Let me transfer you to a specialist for more help.

Carey L.: Fantastic day with Sprint, now part of Tmobile❤️! I'm Carey, your representative committed to resolve your concern. I hope your day went well.

You: What is status of TIDAL known issue (master ticket INC37431580,

Carey L.: I understand you want to know the status of Tidal's known issue. I'd be glad to check on the details here for you.

Carey L.: Please give me a moment to access and review your account information.

Carey L.: Thank you for your patience, I will have the information shortly.

Carey L.: I have checked and still no update for the ticket XXXXXXX Have you tried using your Tidal app and see if it's working?

You: App is working. Problem is my playlists are gone and now I am being charged for a free service.

Carey L.: Thanks for the additional information Let me check.

Carey L.: I have confirmed that the issue is still doing on XXXXXXX. We'll keep you posted soon for more updates.

You: How are you going to keep me posted? No one has kept me posted until now. Has T-Mobile sent out any notifications of this issue?

You: No.

You: It has not.

You: So I would love ot know how you are going to keep me posted, especially when I have to pay for a free service. If you are not able to handle this, escalate it

Carey L.: Yes. We will send you notifications once the issue is fixed. There is still no update that's why you are not getting the notification.

You: I see. I will have to pay $13 a month for a free service until T-Mobile finds a simple solution for a problem that is beyond the scope of its IT and Billing department. Is that a correct summarization of what I have to do?

Carey L.: If you need to use it now, you can do that for now XXXXXXX.

You: Well, this is how this conversation ended.


FOr almost 3 years, this has been a problem with SPrint/TMobile manipulating my account, adding charges, not providing the promised, contracted free services

If enough people complain in writing, or on the FTC/FCC website, I am quite sure T Mobile will do the right thing.  And there is always the CTIA.

Hi all, has there been any update to the sprint/Hulu topic?  Can we still receive it free through T Mobile?