Where's the technical support chat?

I'll admit it, I'm not usually a fan of technical support chats.  They're largely cumbersome and difficult to deal with.  That being said, there are situations and circumstances in which they're the best available option... when they're available.  Why isn't there such an option here at T-Mobile?  I work a call-center type job from home where I need to be able to receive a call at zero notice.  When that's the case, I need a non-voice option for getting my issues resolved.  Does anyone else see this as a need?


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I lost my phone

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Last Saturday afternoon I called CS (611) for help to do the settings in Access Point Names in a recently purchased V30. The first rep sent me in the TECH Dept. The rep there was a phenomenal help! We went through that aprt of the phone's settings that I did not do correctly. Later in the evening I attended a church that I had no LTE access, but I got 4 bars of GSM. I am a caretaker for my wife, and I need the phone in case she would have any problems. Now I have a phone that shouldn't be any problems.

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If you do need help, you can always reach out here with specifics of what's going on. If you'd still like to use the chat options, we do have a Message us My T-Mobile icon on the lower right corner of the page. After logging in, you should be able to message through chat. Also, if you have access to Twitter or Facebook, you can chat with our T-Force team. They're another great option for folks that aren't able to call.

where is the technical support?  the chat is not working


This does not work it brings me to a new page and only gives the option to call no matter what link for contacting via messaging i use. Message support is not available.

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Looks like it might be temporarily unavailable. You'll want to call or use the social media options to get more assistance.

Well, it's Nov 2019 and there's still no option. I'm trying to order a new phone and I have a question - but without the chat, I'm stuck. Because I CANNOT receive a call back. On Account I need a new phone.
And Facebook is blocked at work.

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Do you see the chat tab at the lower right when you go to the contact us page?

Nope. Still don't. Not in IE and not in Chrome either.

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Where's the technical support chat?

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Do you see the chat tab at the lower right when you go to the contact us page?



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That was using Edge.

This challenge remains. I am unable to contact T-Mobile by chat on any platform. No messages from within the mobile app, not chat on the browsers, nothing. And there is no email support, either. So, they apparently insist that we call them in order to have any help of any sort. Very poor client experience from my point of view.

Hey T-Mobile… do you LISTEN to your customers? Do you know or care that some people prefer this method of interaction over talking to your “team” over the phone?

Extremely disappointing.

I lost any hope contacting or chatting with T mobile. I could not find the chat button. When I call them I wait for 20 minutes then it hangs up on me. It is so frustrating. I am considering changing carrier.

Or maybe I wake up at 3 or 4 am, then the phone wait times will be shorter.

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if their chat is backed up pretty bad the chat option will go away until they are caught up a can bypass chat and call in by contacting them through either Facebook or Twitter instead..usually a bit better of support since they are i believe tier 2 support instead of tier 1.

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Send a Twitter DM to T-Force. That's the best way I've found.