Where to enter prepaid activation code?

  • 14 June 2019
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I purchased a 10Gb prepaid card from Best Buy, tried calling the number last night but didn't seem to work.  This morning, I went to the activation page, entered my SIM # and it said it was ready to be activated.  When choosing a plan, I don't see anywhere to enter the code that was with the SIM card in order to avoid paying the $40 again.  Am I missing something?  I've tried clicking everywhere but can't figure this out.  The promo code box did not work.

For background, I'm using my Verizon iPhone, but trying to test out T-Mobile coverage before switching.  Thanks!

Edit: Also, when I try to log in, it asks me to associate a phone number.  I thought I would be getting a new number for my prepaid card?  I don't want to port my Verizon number over yet, until I decide to switch.


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Sorry you're having this trouble. What site are you going to when you enter this info? Have you reached out to Care folks for some additional help getting activated?

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Good morning, @bcemail​! Have you had any luck with getting your line activated? If you're still having issues, I highly recommend that you Community-2153​.