• 5 January 2022
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My iphone 12 says this is my plan.  My account says Magenta,

I should have unlimited on both my wife’s and my phone.



10 replies

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however there is a cap of how much data you can consume per billing cycle before you are considered a abuser...essential plans are limited to 50GB before your speeds get slowed down..Magenta is 100GB..Magenta Max is fully unlimited with no monthly limits.

I am having issues with this too! Went to Tmobilr store and the staff told me we’ve never seen this before. They told me to go to apple store so i did. They did all the test and said its the sim card because they took it out and put it in another phone. Then i contacted support the said its because the phone is locked. I said why isnt it on both my phones and the other phone was just bought (making payments on both) a month ago? Nobody can tell me anything or help me!! Its sad that their employees know nothing and just make you look crazy as hell! Can anyone help me figure this phone nighmare out?? Thank you

For some reason on my phone, it said whitelist and regular usage, which was not my plan. I had T-Mobile unlimited 5G go plus I have been paying for unlimited 5G plus for months and I have not received that plan. They put me on a totally different plan. Scammers 

Thats the same plan i have. When you call they make you feel crazy! I’ve been to T-Mobile and Apple for 3 weekends in a row. Tmobile says you need Apple then Apple says it’s Tmobile not the phone. Apple took the sim out and put it in another one and it did the same thing. I have sim lock and another protection plan that i pay for but what’s the point if you can’t receive it. I did read where TMobile and Verizon employees were offered 300.00 for sim numbers. My boyfriend has being saying it’s employees from the start!! 

I am having the same exact issue switching from Magenta 1.0 to Go5G. Whitelist and Regular usage and my phone is unusable. Talked to Apple 4 times and T-Mobile 4 Times and went into the store they just keep going back and forth saying its Apples fault no its T-Mobiles fault. It’s absolutely ridiculous they cant figure out why this is happening. If my phone is not connected to wifi its literally unusable, cant make calls, barely send texts.

Is any one find a solution to this ? Apple replace my phone I even lost my ICloud trying to resolve the issue they wipe out my phone , they replace my SIM card 5 times T mobile tech have no idea I am getting crazy with this 

Whitelist and Regular usage 

Negative, was in the store for 3 hours friday. On phone with tech in the store working with a rep. Next day I called T Mobile Care and couldnt even talk to him in a major city MPLS. Was so frustrated I told him on the phone id leave. We could barely talk to eachother and he left me a voicemail saying if I left he wouldn’t blame me because they had no idea what was wrong. I drove straight to Verizon and left T-Mobile. How is your senior techs and everyone we contacted for over a week straight have “no idea” what is wrong. The last senior tech told me he has never seen this we tried everything under the sun and he said I dont know what to tell me. 13 straight days with no data? On a perfectly functioning iPhone 14 plus. Sorry this didnt help.

Thank you I have to do the same I need to leave but I need to call since Inal in a contract now another nightmare, thank you I guess Tmobile will keep losing customers .

Exact same issue - one of three phones says WhitelistAndRegularUsage. NO ONE at apple nor T-Mobile can get it resolved. I have spent over a week calling apple and tmobile and had to give the tmobile folks references to this known issue. This has been a slice of hell. 

Hello to whom this may concern . I have 5 iPhones with T- mobile 3 iPhones have white list data regular usage when all I phones should be  Go5 Go data . I pay for data plan Go5G. As a consumer I should get what I pay for . My bill is sky high and there are numbers  on families iPhone bill they never texted . I’m frustrated . And ready to seek legal action against T-mobile.