Why am I getting a text to update visual voicemail

  • 9 November 2018
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I got this text yesterday saying that I need to update my voicemail app but when I click the link in it it takes me to the play store. But the play store shows I have the newer version. I have tried a few times and get the same it's a bit odd . I have a screenshot but not sure how to upload it. 


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12 replies

Here is the message

Screenshot of play store

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Hey there!

We are in the process of migrating customers to a new voicemail platform, replacing our current legacy system. We sent messages to folks to update their apps but it looks like you have automatic updates on and the app updated before we got the SMS to you 😊 You are fine.

Awesome thanks

Why are you sending these on a loop! Do you think your customers are too stupid to figure out to update their voicemail app? You know by defult Android leaves auto updates on... If they were turned off it was by customers choice and they were smart enough to do so which means they are smart enough to update... Hell send one but you keep sending them over and over its sooo annoying

Especially for a guy who uses youmail amd not tmobile i have no need for your app at all so stop texting me about it!!  Thos is borderline harassment!!!

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When you sign up for Tmobile service you agree that they can contact you about offers, upgrades and etc... but Tmobile

does offer you an opt out but you still may receive an occasional one.

Unsubscribe | How To Opt Out of Marketing Communications from T-Mobile

Manage privacy & notifications

This is for Marketing.

An app update text isn't marketing.

And my issue is ots the same text over and over

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That's why I added the second link where you can turn on or off notifications for web browsing and app information.

My T-Mobile

  1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
  2. Click your name at the top right >  Profile.
  3. Click Privacy & Notifications > Advertising & Insights.
  4. Click the following sliders to turn On or Off:
    • Insights
    • Interest-Based Ads
    • Web Browsing & App Information
    • Device Location

I turned it off well see what happens i guess   ‍♂️

Honestly i dont know if this can he classified as Advertising eaither really.

But my point didn't really change off or not my issue really wasn't that they sent the message it was the fact that they sent the same message over and over again which is unnecessary. Even if I want the updates and I want the notifications and I want advertisements nobody should have to keep getting the same exact one if they were different that wouldn't be an issue just doesn't make sense for them to keep sending the same one over and over and over again see what I'm saying.

First off, I see T-Mobile and Sprint are now in cahoots. A friend of mine (business Administrator) was told there would be absolutely no changes. Now my Visual Voice Mail will not work and cannot even be uninstalled and reinstalled. Right away the problems start. COULD IT BE THAT YOU ARE FORCING US TO US NORMAL (1-2-3) DIALING BECAUSE YOU WANT US TO USE MORE MINUTES !!!

PS: I have been a member much, much longer then Jan 20, 2019...

Also, to be blunt, you site for Public Relations stinks !!

Upgrading to the T-Mobile Prepaid (Rebellion Plan) has disabled the native Visual Voicemail feature in the Android 9.0 Phone App. I don't want to use the T-Mobile VVM app, I want to use the Android Native VVM feature built into the phone app. I tried this on my Nokia 6.1 and my new Nokia 4.2 and they're both not working. Why is T-Mobile sending me texts to download their app from the Google Play Store?