Why am I randomly not receiving texts?

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I may have figured this out. It seems if I'm connected to my wifi network, the issue comes up. Note that I am not using wifi-calling, I'm simply connected to it for internet at home so I don't use up my data plan. Seems being connected to wifi is what's causing this. I've stayed off my wifi for the past 2 days and I haven't experienced the issue. I never had this issue with TMobile branded phones, so I think this is something that only comes up with non-TMobile branded phones.

Happens to my new TMobile Branded Moto G7 Power connected or not connected to wifi.  Spent hours on the phone with tech support with no solution.  It is definitely a network infrastructure problem that no one can figure out.  I have a non TM Moto G7 power that has sometimes has the same issue.  Not as fruequently as the new one.  Only consistent thing is the problem happens with TM to TM txts.

I am having this exact same issue and I have yet to hear/find resolution! I’m thinking I may just switch carriers to resolve it. Has anyone else figured out how to prevent the issue?

This is not a solved issue. I have been trying to get notifications set up with a vendor. I am on a Samsung S8. I have tried it with wifi off and on and rebooted the phone. I have requested the same notification at least a dozen times over the past two hours, but no message.

My setup has no blocked messages.

I did receive a notification from TM on a different subject.

I have seen this in the past. It seems to be related to specific numbers rather than a general outage.

I have been dealing with this problem for MONTHS!!!  And it is driving me absolutely crazy!  My husband had me update my Messages to the Chat thing?  I don’t know.  It wasn’t an option when I first started having issues, but when I reactivated Messages, it automatically updated it.  So I am hoping that worked?  But then I promptly switched back to my other texting app (I had the problem whether I used Messages or my other app).  I’m hoping that by upgrading the Messages to Chat that it adjusted something in the system that will make messages go through.  

I've been having the same issue for years on a moto g5 plus. The worst part is that it most consistently misses texts from my wife, often at bad times, causing a couple fights.

She has an iPhone but texts to her father's galaxy always go through. We're all on the same family plan so it's not an inter-carrier thing. 

Location, time of day, and wifi connection don't seem to matter. 

It also misses texts from others and sometimes texts I try to send get stuck in a sending state indefinitely. I've had calls go straight to voicemail with no ring and sometimes no notification, and occasionally an outgoing call will just stay silent, never even attempting to dial out.

Tech support has been involved 2 or 3 times but nothing they do / have me do seems to last very long, if it ever did anything at all. They now claim its a problem with my phone. Have other people had luck switching phones? If so, are there any phones that are known to have similar issues that I should avoid? Are there certain bands that are required for communication stability? I'd hate to spend a bunch of money on a new phone and have the same issues. Honestly, if that happens we may switch carriers. I like tmobile but it's not worth damaging my relationship. 

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This one is easy. has done it to some of my android (mostly lg’s) phones.


pay attention! but it’s straight forward.


turn off wifi.


if you do NOT use it, that’s fine, you can get rid of it after.


download google messages from the play store. keep wifi off after you download it and install it.


install it, accept and permit all necessaries access to your phone.


simply go to and enable chat features, it will either ask you or go under settings, in the messages app. accept whatever! let it set up until it says ready to use or chat features are active.


should start working almost instantly or within the minute, and texts etc will start going thru.


once that happens, TURN ON wifi, so it syncs in the system.


that’s it. use the phone like you always have.


keep using messages or get rid of it and go back to your phone’s messaging app if you like.


I had mine on, but I believe it is irrelevant if you have wifi calling on or off.


this little process always and magically corrects this problem. this is a wifi/data configuration thing that needs to be tweaked, corrected, once you got a new phone with the same num or simcard that has been transferred over. even if the phone is defaulted to stock or simply the phone has not been “refreshed” in a while.


if you already do use messages, follow the same steps. if it was already on, turn it off and restart the phone, then do the steps from above. :]