Why am I randomly not receiving texts?

A few months ago it came to my attention that I was not receiving certain messages from what seemed like a single person (they showed me their phone proving they in fact had sent me these messages).  Then it happened with another friend. Both these individuals have iPhones and are on T-Mobile. I'm an Android user.

It is seemingly completely random, sometimes even in the middle of a conversation, selective texts sent seconds or minutes apart will not come through.

So far I have tried:

  • Changing to the stock texting app (I normally use Mood)
  • Clearing the text app cache
  • uninstalling and reinstalling Mood
  • changing the SIM
  • T-Mobile advised me to do some kind of reset (which all it did was make me have to put in all my WiFi passwords again)
  • full factory reset
  • Confirmed APN settings
  • Bought another damn phone.

Annoying that I could never figure out wth was happening, but no matter, it seemed like things were working. Well, the problem has returned, and it's very difficult to troubleshoot or know when it's happening because it's not like there's an error message. I don't find out until days or weeks later, and I imagine sometimes never at all. People think I'm just ignoring them.

I have also had issues where texts come in very delayed, I'm talking anywhere from like a half hour to 24 hours later.

These are just regular old sms texts, usually brief ones too, not group chats media etc., if that matters.

Is it possible that that I am momentarily losing service when these messages are being sent and they just kind of disappear into the void? lol



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Alright. Filing a Trouble Ticket with our Tech team is best route to go. They'll need specific examples of text messages that failed, and that'll help them look into what's going on.

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This is not a solved issue. I have been trying to get notifications set up with a vendor. I am on a Samsung S8. I have tried it with wifi off and on and rebooted the phone. I have requested the same notification at least a dozen times over the past two hours, but no message.

My setup has no blocked messages.

I did receive a notification from TM on a different subject.

I have seen this in the past. It seems to be related to specific numbers rather than a general outage.

I've been having the same issue for years on a moto g5 plus. The worst part is that it most consistently misses texts from my wife, often at bad times, causing a couple fights.

She has an iPhone but texts to her father's galaxy always go through. We're all on the same family plan so it's not an inter-carrier thing. 

Location, time of day, and wifi connection don't seem to matter. 

It also misses texts from others and sometimes texts I try to send get stuck in a sending state indefinitely. I've had calls go straight to voicemail with no ring and sometimes no notification, and occasionally an outgoing call will just stay silent, never even attempting to dial out.

Tech support has been involved 2 or 3 times but nothing they do / have me do seems to last very long, if it ever did anything at all. They now claim its a problem with my phone. Have other people had luck switching phones? If so, are there any phones that are known to have similar issues that I should avoid? Are there certain bands that are required for communication stability? I'd hate to spend a bunch of money on a new phone and have the same issues. Honestly, if that happens we may switch carriers. I like tmobile but it's not worth damaging my relationship. 

I got a new S10+ after having this problem on my LG G6. I figured the LG G6 was just old and I needed a new phone. After trouble shooting the phone they said to exchange the phone since I was in my 14 day period. Haven't had an issues since I exchanged the phone.

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Alright. Filing a Trouble Ticket with our Tech team is best route to go. They'll need specific examples of text messages that failed, and that'll help them look into what's going on.

I am having the exact same issues described here! Random texts not received & or not sent to people. Not consistent. Like just a few texts don't go through. and then screenshots of the texts verify that there are messages missing right after. Not usually MMS. small texts such as "whats up?" This has caused me many missed connections and frustrations.  Also I experience people telling me they called, but I have no record of a missed call and no ring.


I may have figured this out. It seems if I'm connected to my wifi network, the issue comes up. Note that I am not using wifi-calling, I'm simply connected to it for internet at home so I don't use up my data plan. Seems being connected to wifi is what's causing this. I've stayed off my wifi for the past 2 days and I haven't experienced the issue. I never had this issue with TMobile branded phones, so I think this is something that only comes up with non-TMobile branded phones.

Happens to my new TMobile Branded Moto G7 Power connected or not connected to wifi.  Spent hours on the phone with tech support with no solution.  It is definitely a network infrastructure problem that no one can figure out.  I have a non TM Moto G7 power that has sometimes has the same issue.  Not as fruequently as the new one.  Only consistent thing is the problem happens with TM to TM txts.

I have been dealing with this problem for MONTHS!!!  And it is driving me absolutely crazy!  My husband had me update my Messages to the Chat thing?  I don’t know.  It wasn’t an option when I first started having issues, but when I reactivated Messages, it automatically updated it.  So I am hoping that worked?  But then I promptly switched back to my other texting app (I had the problem whether I used Messages or my other app).  I’m hoping that by upgrading the Messages to Chat that it adjusted something in the system that will make messages go through.  

I am having this exact same issue and I have yet to hear/find resolution! I’m thinking I may just switch carriers to resolve it. Has anyone else figured out how to prevent the issue?

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it could be that the other user has not set up iMessage to send as regular SMS message to Android if iMessage is unavailable at the time they send the message. This could be because they are in a weak signal area when they attempted to send the message.

Sorry, I forgot that the whole iMessage thing has been ruled out and just now it's been brought to my attention that at least one of them isn't getting MY messages, though from my send they appear sent.

Sorry, I forgot that the whole iMessage thing has been ruled out and just now it's been brought to my attention that at least one of them isn't getting MY messages, though from my send they appear sent.

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Interestingly enough there are a few Verizon customers that did not received some of my reply texts yesterday. One of them on iPhone and one on Android. So maybe it's carrier related.

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Might be kind a tough to answer since the messages are coming from them, but has there been any trend as to where they're sending them? Or a specific time of the day they're sending the messages you're not getting?

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Are you still having trouble? Please keep us updated and let us know how things are going.

Glad you're problem is solved 😊 but as I said, I already replaced my phone.

I'm not sure what you mean by where they're sending them, sorry. They're just regular sms texts to my number.

No specific time of day.

I can rule out the service in my house theory though, as it happened while out a few days ago.

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I'm curious if they're sending from a specific address when they're not going through, or if it's happening regardless of where they're sending from.

No particular location, happens when they're sending them from work, home, etc.

Thanks for opening the ticket. The problem still has not been resolved.

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Have you gotten an updates on it? Sorry it's still going on but there's usually notes from the engineering team with a status.

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Happy Monday, @crw924​!

Just checking in to see if you've had an update to the ticket that MC recommended you file last week. It generally takes about 72 business hours for our engineers to begin investigation so there should be some notes as to what's going on. You may need to Community-2153 if you haven't heard anything back yet.

No, I did not receive anything and now I am also having an issue where people call me and it goes right to voicemail with no notification of a call.

I already contacted TMobile before making this post and to be honest this has caused so many complications I'm ready to switch to another carrier. Thanks to everyone who tried to help.

Any luck yet @stjp​? Same with the phone calls for me. The phone could be in my hand at the time and nothing! Also very random. Not on certain days, certain people, etc.

The only thing I've come to learn on my own is my phone doesn't have band 12, but this issue still makes no sense as that shouldn't effect texts and calls, I don't think. Seems like it would make my data work better in certain buildings and allow me to to voice over LTE which I didn't even know was a thing.

Same thing's happening to me. It's more than  annoying, it's horrendous. Seems like it might be a breach of contact too. Has anyone found actual solution yet or do we all just need to fire T-Mobile en masse?