Why do sms msgs I send containing Facebook links never get received by iOS users?

  • 22 August 2020
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If I send an sms txt message from my Pixel 2 phone that contains a Facebook link the message is never received by the recipient if they’re using iOS (iPhones). 

I had tried this sending simple text messages to three iPhone users.  The messages containing just a basic Facebook link never appear.  Other links (in other messages) appear.

I sent a text message to a Google Voice account and the message appeared.

I’m not sure if there are android users I text with (via Messages) so I haven’t been able to confirm if android to android has the same problem. 

What could be causing this?

(A few years ago I had TMO full unblock short codes since I wasn’t receiving lots of short code messages from organizations. That’s the only other problem I ever had sending/receiving messages.)

7 replies


Have no idea how to track down this problem.  Is it definitely a TMO issue?  Is there some network setting that would be blocking links from certain domains?

just noticed this same issue myself. seems any link with "" is blocked from the iPhone side not the TMO side. I tested through Google voice and can send to and from TMO no issue but the iPhone blocks Facebook from TMO and Google voice. Even the generic is blocked.

I turned off all spam and filters on the iPhone and it still blocks the links. I also turned off imessage. Other links work fine. my iPhone is on Verizon. it is an employer provided phone but doesn't have any monitoring software AFAIK (I work in IT for the company).

for fun I tried, and links and they work fine.

outgoing facebook links work fine from the iPhone as well.


Thanks for confirming that it’s happening to others.

So is TMO at fault or is this an iPhone/Apple thing? 

I know you tested via google voice (as have I), but have you tested from TMO phone to TMO phone? 

How do we get it resolved? 

The exact same thing here. I can't send any link to my iOS person that contains a Facebook link. All other links work. Samsung S10+ unlocked

Same issue here, but in reverse. Sending Facebook links from iPhone to Android does not work. 

Same issue. Galaxy note 10 here and just realized links aren't coming through or sending out to a friend with an iPhone. We both use tmobile. Can't imagine how many links I've been missing out on or how many friends I've lost because I ignored their texts containing links....

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Sounds like Apple communism at its finest!  My grandmother spams me with crap from Facebook almost daily via text.  She has a Pixel 2 XL and I am currently using a OnePlus 7 Pro.  I get each and every one of them, sadly.