Why do the No Credit Check plans not allow Autopay?

  • 10 May 2018
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I received the following text prior to my first bill: "Your T-Mobile bill is being processed. Payment is due 3 days after bill receipt. See how to read your bill:​"

So a couple things... that link redirects to the homepage, so I have no idea what info is supposed to be available there. Second, I spoke with a rep (and saw through my online account) that if I did not pay my bill within 3 days, my service would be suspended. However, all the Autopay links online do not work and the reps told me that my plan is not eligible for Autopay.

How is it that T-Mobile will not allow No Credit Check customers to use auto-pay and will suspend service if a bill isn't paid within 3 days of being issued? That is a tight window, especially without an autopay option. I can't see why any vendor wouldn't provide autopay options.

FWIW, I am on a No Credit Check plan because I prefer the price and not paying for services I don't need. I have 800+ credit score and buy phones with cash. I'd just much prefer to pay $80/month for what I need than $130/month.


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Hey, @robknob​!

You're totally right! I honestly hadn't stopped to think about the need for AutoPay on our No Credit Check plans. As for why the option isn't available, I don't know. I wish I had a solid answer for you but I don't. I will, however, pass that idea along because I'm sure there are others on a NCC plan that would appreciate the option. Also, as far as that site redirecting, I'm going to take a closer look into that and see if I can get more info on where the link is supposed to lead. Thanks for pointing that out, by the way!

I'm glad I found this post.  I was also trying to set up AutoPay on my account and just went through the whole discussion with the rep saying it is not allowed with no credit check plans.  I have autopay with every other utility in the world (water, gas, electric, internet) with a debit card directly linked to a checking account.  However T-Mobile doesn't have that option?  Like the previous reply, I also get the no credit check because it's cheaper and I buy phones unlocked with cash and refuse to finance a phone.  Maybe T-Mobile needs to take a look at this discrimination?

I am in the same boat.  I have excellent credit but opted for this plan instead because it is a better value for our family than the unlimited plan.  However, it is a pain not to be able to do auto pay.

What the ...?   Seriously?

I just signed up my two kids (actually, I switched my sons phone from the $30 plan they used to have) to the no-credit-check plan, for the same reasons others are giving (bought our own phones, no need for credit check ), and I intended to set up autopay as well.

As I did so this evening, the web site refused to let me in because it demanded I set a primary user.  The thing is, I dont have a tmobile number, only my kids, and I was forced to verify my own account through my 15 year olds phone.   Thanks a lot Tmobile ... can you not send a text to a Verizon phone???

Once I got past that, the web site then demanded I set a primary user, with last 4 SS and birthday.   SInce this is a no credit check I dont recall ever setting my SS number.   Nonetheless I entered my info and guess what ... it said it didnt match.

So basically, I cannot manage my own account, and couldnt get far enough to see that (apparently) I cannot even use autopay.   This is ridiculous, and entirely unfriendly to customers.  WIth a small window of payment, and the threat of suspending service, it's almost as if Tmobile WANTS you to mess up.

I cannot understand any possible reason why you cannot use autopay.   It makes no sense.

Really frustrated.   The wife wanted me to go to ATT, and this is really making me look bad.

I just want to echo the sentiment above. I also chose the no credit plan because it made more sense based on my phone usage. No autopay just adds an unneeded hassle to the service. Why inconvenience customers? I thought you guys where the "uncarrier" but I'm not sure that you are providing a better service than traditional carriers when you create all of these extra hurdles for basic cell phone service. Please add the autopay feature for all your customers.

As an aside, if there are actually people using this plan because they have bad credit, isn't disabling autopay for them likely to encourage them to fail to pay their bill? It's almost as if you are intentionally setting up vulnerable people to fail. Are you setting up these people to lose?

Just wanted to chime in that I'm another customer in pretty much this exact same situation.  Paid for my phone upfront with a deposit thinking I'd be treated like any other postpaid customer.  Boy was I wrong.  NCC customers are treated with an incredible amount of disdain from T-Mobile.

Same.  This is ridiculous.  I don't owe them any money.  I am not borrowing money from them.  I just want to set-up autopay like every other civilized monthly subscription/bill that I have.  I locked all of my credit agencies to protect myself from identity theft, and unlocking them requires payments.  I even asked the TMobile guy which one they actually use so that I could do just that one, and he read something from a script claiming they use all three.  I am not asking them to lend me money to buy a house or a car.  Its just a monthly subscription and they have ZERO risk...

Makes no sense.