Why don't you tell us that making an equipment payment will mess up my autopay and leave you with a balance due?

  • 14 September 2016
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Learn from my story so your grand-daughter doesn’t lose her birthday party because of T-Mobile like mine will.


My T-Mobile account is set to autopay every month so that we never have to worry about our account being paid… or so I thought.


T-Mobile’s site also has a separate page to make additional payments for your equipment so you can pay them off quicker!  Awesome right?  Here’s the catch… if you go to their special page and make a payment on your equipment… they deduct that amount from your autopay and leave you with a balance on your account for your monthly service!


Nowhere on their equipment plan page to they tell you that they are going to do this.  Nor will they send you any kind of warning that “hey – we didn’t pay your bill for you this month and you’ve got a balance”… nowhere does it give the consumer any kind of warding that they are going not going to make your service payment for like you’ve setup on their very sight.  Honestly?  Who in their right mind would ever even think that making an equipment payment on an entirely different page would affect their autopay that way?


So this month, when my bill comes – and it’s over $400  which is outrageous when you’re used to the bill being $180 – I immediately call customer service thinking “they must have miss posted my equipment payment”, and I get “Mrs. Asia in Tampa” whom I explain my story too, she goes and check out my account and tells me the story I’ve told you here… “Oh I’m so sorry that someone didn’t tell you that, I really feel for you, it happened to me too but it cost me even more.”  Really? They did it to you and you still work there?  “Let me get my supervisor on the call and maybe the line and see what she can do” – Ok – that may help – “Oh – she’s on another call – but I’ve got you in her queue – she will call you back within the hour so you don’t have to sit here on the phone and wait – and Oh… I really know how you feel, because it happened to me too…”


So now we sit here 24 hour later and nobody ever called me back, (not that I honestly expected them too, but I try to think the best of people… naive – I know),  so now the money that was going to go to make my grand-daughter’s birthday party is going to end up being drafted from my account to pay T-Mobile. 


I wouldn’t even be surprised if they end up dinging my credit too just because now I have an overdue balance…


Personally I find this to be, at the least sleazy and at the most fraudulently deceptive.


Thank you T-Mobile – Thank you from the bottom of my Grand-daughters heart.

5 replies

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Hey @fdpiech

Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! I know this is not the news you wanted to break to your Granddaughter on her special day. I hope that my explanation of what happened here may be able to give you some insight to what happened here.

First off, T-Mobile as well as many other companies bills their users in monthly cycles. For example, you have service from the 5th of each month through the 4th of the following month. Let’s say that your bill is due on the 20th of each month. When your cycle closes on the 4th of each month, it takes about 5 days to process your bill at which point it can be paid early or you can wait till the 20th to pay it.

Now that we have an understanding on how your bill is generated, I want to tell you how early installment payments impact your bill. When you initiate an early payment on your installment plan, we take the payment from you and apply it to your account. The reason that we apply it to your account is because we simultaneously generate a charge against your installment plan that will be offset by the payment (now on your account) that you just made. If your bill cycle had already closed and your bill was ready to be paid, that charge we generate will not impact your bill until the next cycle.

Now on to Auto pay. T-Mobile auto pay checks your current account balance and then charges you based on what it sees you have due one or two days before your bill due date.

To wrap it all together, it sounds like your bill had already generated since your cycle closed and was ready to be paid. You went online and initiated an early payment on your installment plan and that payment was put on your account to offset the charge we would be generating. Since you bill cycle had closed, the payment you made applied toward your current balance (the normal $180 you pay) and when your auto pay went to see how much you owed, it charged you for that remaining account balance less that early payment. Since the cycle had closed already, the charge we generated on your account for your early payment did not post to the account until your next bill (the one that is over $400). I am sure that if you take a look at the payment that was drafted via auto pay, you will see that it is not the normal $180 you are used to paying.

All in all, I understand this is not something that you expecting and it is truly unfortunate that it happened this way. You can rest assured that you are not being over charged for your service or for your installment plan.

I'm sorry...

Let me put it this way - I'm not arguing that I owe the money - and I'm not

looking for a discount.

I'm saying that it's sleazy and deceptive to run the billing system that

way without giving us - the customer any form of warning that it would

impact us that way.

It's obviously a problem for you - because you have this great long caned

response to send to other people so why not fix your system to give us poor

people a warning that your going to do this?

You can't tell me when I make an equipment payment you don't know what my

balance is and tell me that I have a pending Autopay and that making this

payment will mess it up.

sorry - I write code for a living - I don't buy that answer.

One of your own represenitives "Mrs Asia" said they did it to her...

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I totally get where you are coming from. Please know that it is not our intention to make it harder for you to make a payment on your installment plan. Typically this does not happen but in your situation it did because of the timing with your bill cycle and your early payment.

I just made a small EIP payment towards my own personal installment plan, and it did say, Your EIP payment will temporarily appear on your account balance and your EIP balance until your next bill. I also received a text message directly afterward telling me what my new account balance was but I agree that it could be more specific. I appreciate your feedback on this and will make sure that your voice is heard by our web support teams.

FINALLY - you're seeing what I'm trying to say.

Yes - I got the text and such like your saying here - but NOWHERE does it

let me know that my bill will NOT be autopaid because of it.

All you gota do for us is fix these messages so people like will KNOW.

Knowledge is 90% of the battle here.

If it told me I would have to pay my bill by hand after that - I would have

done it right then and we would be having this conversation

What is the raw nerve for me is because of it my grand daughter doesn't get

to have her birthday party next month and I feel really bad about that -

all because of a crappy billing system.

Please let the web support developers know that because of a poorly

conceived billing autopay workflow and the lack of a common sense message

you your users a 5 year old girl doesn't get to take her friends to

Discovery Zone.

I'm sure she'll understand.

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Hi @fdpiech‌,

I honestly just wanted to touch base to apologize again for the inconvenience this caused your family.  We are absolutely with you that adding an additional line regarding AutoPay would provide a more holistic customer experience and allow you to better plan for appropriate account maintenance to prevent this type of high balance on the following statement.  While obviously nothing can change what happened, I do want to reassure you that we've forwarded this concern upward and are grateful that you alerted us to the situation this placed you in.  Thank you again for taking the time to let us know.


- Marissa