Why hasn't my conversation showed up?


Posted something over 2hrs ago and still hasn’t posted whats the deal.


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A moderator has to approve the post first, before it’s seen. I’m waiting for a post of mine to appear.

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Did you include a link in your post?

That may cause a mod to have to approve the post.

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A moderator has to approve the post first, before it’s seen. I’m waiting for a post of mine to appear.

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There’s a glitch. My post to you doesn’t show up either.

This is a new forum and seems it quite buggy.

Poor customer service. I called multiple times and either the line got disconnected while I was on the phone with a manager and no one called back or the solutions they were giving me for my issue wasn't in  me the customers interest. No one has a way to contact corporate I was bounced around to different people who called themselves managers and only offered me a credit of 15 $ Bc i asked for a credit for my troubles. I asked for a 50$ credit and was told no. The customers service is trouble with long hold times. I believe they put you on hold just so you can hang up. I will be posting my experience so the next person can be ware before they think abt dealing with T-Mobile 


Just me having an issue with adding the free line promo to my account. And now I find myself looking for another cell phone provider because being a legacy member/long term member doesn’t really amount to much anymore.

For instance, I tried last year to add the family hookup (20% off entire bill) nope sorry not possible for existing customers.(T-mobile pretty much saying we don’t respect old customers). You pay retail.

Throughout the past couple years I tried to get the phone offers but, once again nope and if I did I needed to add a line which from what they just told me is $45 additionally a month. (Plan Tmo all in FRLTUL2LP)

I’ve been a member since 2006 and honestly at this point I guess its time for me to cut my loss and port into another service and maybe wait for the next big and come in as a new customer because it doesn’t pay to be loyal.

For the most part though I do want to thank T-mobile the service itself and ease of use has been great. I love the wifi calling feature it has been a life saver and I don’t mean this figuratively. I remember owning the rizr phone thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread because it could play MP3’s LOL :joy: . My only suggestion now is that I wish T-mobile showed some love to their loyal customers not just the new ones.