why is T-Mobile's website so slow?

  • 17 March 2021
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T-Mobile's website has always been allow for as long as I can remember. It makes it difficult for making any account changes or upgrades online. I'm surprised this issue hasn't been addressed. It's almost as if it's done purposely to force you into the store.

5 replies

I have the same question as the original poster. I have tried to log into the T-Mobile website in order to pay my bill every day for the past three days and the magenta screen just hangs tight for eternity, even though I am accessing via broadband. No other website on the Internet is this bad. It usually takes me more than one try to finally be able to log in, but this is the first month when the third time has not been the charm so the strain on the system has definitely gotten worse since the Sprint merger. Will you please use some of that money to upgrade your website?


I am sure the interest off of the revenue from millions of customers paying you a few days earlier would more than offset the cost of investing in your infrastructure.


And before you suggest I change my behavior, I do not want to set up AutoPay or go into a store or pay by phone. I want to use a simple online account like any company should be able to deliver in 2021. Thanks in advance from a long-time customer.

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No issues here with the site being slow.  Everything I do once logged in, is just as responsive as browsing the site.  Have you tried clearing your browsers cache and data to see if that helps speed things up for you?  Is your browser up to date?

Same as above. Award for slowest site possible. When I say slow I do not mean down. Obviously it’s “browsable” at times but how often it hangs its just silly for a company with the money T-Mobile has. This company is “breachable” its probably being targeted all the time lol.

This isnt a browser update clear your cache kinda problem its a T-Mobile problem. Multiple browsers tested on DIFFERENT networks and its slow enough in my opinion to warrant this thread and more.

Super-slow here, too. The T-Mobile logon experience has never been good. Now the site is slower than ever. They should nuke it and start from scratch. This site is stuck in the late 1990s.

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I just paid my bill this morning through Edge   It wasn't slow at all.